wrx735sdbm00 ice maker not filling with water

I tried it and the ice maker didn’t turn at all, so I’m going to buy a new ice maker. Upon running the test it appears that water is leaking down the back of the compartment as it is filling the tray. To release it you have to reach your hand up into the chute and flip the flapper down and then an avalanche of ice falls out. Ice maker: 28 degrees. If you don't, the ice maker isn't passing the voltage and the ice maker motor module requires replacement. SO, in you case, you can try to replace control board, cause you dont have any options for now. Anything else I can try before replacing AEQ73130004? the ice will freeze in the tray but it won’t dump or do anything else. And then see if ice maker will start making ice. The ice water dispenser motor works fine. Failed system as you concluded. Help me please! Respectfully Submitted, Hi Chuck, of course its AC power and it should be 120V AC. Thanks for the quick reply. How do I turn it off? Otherwise, the water will overfill the tray. What the temp in the freezer? I’m left with either icemaker itself or control board?? I have LG LMXS30776S with water and ice in the left french door. If FULL is shown on the display after the procedure above, Ice-detecting sensor is abnormal. Would you recommend replacing this valve before checking the valve in the door? Also, put thermometer in the ice maker compartment to see what the actual temp is. Control Board? Then the ice maker glides back up and water dispenses again and then dumps water into the bucket. No water though. It is set for 0 F. New problem it was working fine for the last 3 years? Once you have eliminated an excess of ice on the icemaker parts as the problem, and have checked the supply line of water coming in, the next place to go to diagnose an ice-making malfunction is the ice maker control. Tried the Reset Switch but no effect. Which one did you replace? whirlpool refrigerator WRX735SDBM00 snK53817693-ice make will not fill with water. I’ve read all the posts. This will cause your fridge ice maker to overflow. What about light? I have a lg lfxs30726s Thank you! If it is not in the correct position, the ice can spill over or not fall inside the bucket. If the ice maker is on, but disconnected to water supply line, the following could happen: The ice maker will continue to try to make ice, causing a buzzing sound; A refrigerator section may to be too cold Is any ice got stuck in there? Is it some kind of sensor. It appears that there is ice blocking the passage between the bin and the flapper. Any additional advice that I could use? This is listed as an ice maker’s maximum production, and it’s likely the number most people look at when trying to pick the right size ice maker and ice storage bin. The tray itself does not have any blockages. To do this adjustment, turn water tap to 45 degrees and let somebody will push water dispenser using big cup or something like that. $157.00 $ 157. What could be going on? The process was repeated often… After reading your post noting possible calcium building up in the intake valve, I looked up this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDfRblNHnQQ and thought I solved the problem – maybe I did partially. When I checked the resistance between the neutral wire entering the hinge and the auger motor neutral wire in the harness connector feeding the ice maker, it is infinite…no connection. Thank you! Sorry. Product Description. Some LG fridges have a separate inlet valve for the ice maker in the left door. I unplugged the ice maker for a minute and hours later had ice. Feel free to ask any questions about repairs. On the bottom of the tray there is a device attached. We get like 4 trays of ice per day. Wanted to let you know our LG refrigerator is FINALLY working as of yesterday! I plugged back in, turned on ice maker and reset from tiny hole in front of ice maker and waited. Then nothing. As long as they are part of the ice maker, one of the options is to replace ice maker and see if it will solve the problem. The so the lights on the front panel come on and the lights inside go on and off. Hi Carrie, just turn the power off for some time to the fridge to let it defrost by itself. What should I check next to diagnose why its not cooling ? I replaced cover. @mmletzko. Which one did you replace? This is a picture of back panel in the freezer compartment with evaporator and ice maker fans. Do you think it is the control board and if so do you know what the part number is. Probably you have ice build up, restricting air flow and causing temp to go up. Removing that panel reveals the solenoid valve and the drinking water tube that is coiled up to expose the water to the cold air. All doors closing fine. That was how i got it to fill with water at least. Water fill tube (on the ice maker side) partially clogged by deposits. Fill sensors are clean. Changed Both filters (water & air). Hard to say. I thank you in advance for your help. I took the cover off the mother board and there were no led warnings. I would check all of them, by blowing through and let somebody check another side of the plastic tube while you blowing. If none of these parts are at fault, and the freezer temperature is at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit, replace the ice maker assembly. LOL but not really…. Flush the lines with a solution of one-part vinegar and one-part water. I was going to try that but wanted an opinion before ordering. Thanks, Is there a thermostat inside the ice maker to determine when water becomes ice? Working through the recommended tests and the questions posted here leave me with a couple questions. Check Manual at the bottom of this article and go to Page 56. Ok thanks! We used to get just a little water leaking out of water outlet above receiving cup, right after getting ice and water. What a nightmare. I just put in a digital thermometer in the freezer and will report back with temps when I have them. Take a look on the each side of the lever. Any ideas? For kicks, I turned it back on, and now it’s been making ice for a week. Pulled out some big chunks of ice in the freezer section too. First a big THANK YOU for all the advice you’ve provided above – and I can’t believe how recent many of these postings are making your comments even more relevant. A repairman who I talked to over the phone believes it’s the compressor. Could it be the fan in the wall of the freezer needing replacement? The problem is all of the ice will not dump out of tray. In the end, saved me tons of money to repair instead of buying a new unit that was surely to fail in time anyway based on how refrigerators are being built today: known in their industry as Planned Obsolescence. I am having the same problem and it looks like this question is not answered?? Hi Michael, can you clarify what kind of plastic line you are talking about? I wouldn't think that its the inlet valve since water is being dispensed through the non-ice dispenser. The water dispenser work great, just not he water to the Ice Machine. I can’t find a way to reset the ice maker. What inlet valve did you replace? How do you know, that it overfill the ice tray? The fan was blowing fine on to the coil. AGLUCKY Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, Portable Ice Cube Makers, Make 26 lbs ice in 24 hrs,Ice Cube Rready in 6-8 Mins with Ice Scoop and Basket for Home/Office/Bar (Red) 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,203 $114.99 $ 114 . Tray works and reset works. Wanted to say that as of only YESTERDAY was everything finally sorted out! Also if you have anything on how to replace I would sure appreciate it. Any suggestions are appreciated. I feel that whatever regulates these temp’s are not functioning properly or could it be the compressor isn’t putting out enough? I moved the wires around going down into the door from the top and the problem got worse ( not filling at all now). Model # is LFC24770ST. Did you check the water line from the filter to the secondary inlet valve (left door)? I replaced the ice maker this weekend and same problem. It’s making ice but not releasing. We used to have a full bin all the time, but now it’s always empty because we use it. Reset button does not turn arm. Often times, wire harness on the top in the left door came loose or broken. Just get a new valve and replace it. Your LG refrigerator ice maker was working, but now is not making ice? I don’t have an exact procedure for all situations, but i have a service manual for LG fridge, if you want i can post it here. I still have water coming out of the dispenser just not into the ice maker. I have reset several times to remove the remaining ice from the tray and it will work great for a few cycles and then repeat the issue. Common Solutions (7) Related Videos (38) Common solutions for: Refrigerator ice maker not working. About 3 months ago my ice maker quit making ice. Important: If all components mentioned above in the article are ok and ice maker working ONLY when you press RESET button (ice maker should make a full turn and not making ice in automatic after that), then there is a problem with the main control board or optical sensors on the ice maker. I’ve unplugged for over 5 minutes to reset, but the problem persists. As a result, the ice maker won’t make ice. So press and hold the button for about 3 seconds until the arm starts to turn. Switch is on “off” yet water still running. Other options New and used from $50.33. Straighten the water source line. Genuine product manufactured by Whirlpool. Make sure nothing blocking this sensor, but if it will not help, so then you need new icemaker. I have it at -4. My ice maker makes ice sometimes and then it won’t I’ve been gone for 3 days and it is only half full of ice any Suggestions. You need to check if ice maker getting power, if its not getting power then problem might be with the main control board. If you don’t get any response from the diagnostic test… wait 5 minutes then unplug the refrigerator for 10 seconds to reset the ice maker control board and try again. It takes 15-30 minutes to fix on average. Greg. Like I said everything was perfectly normal, until the turned off our power for a few moments. Removed the tube to the ice maker and blew through it to ensure no blockages. Water comes from the water side, but not from the ice side (when I reset the ice dispenser). The indoor ice maker is not currently working. Ice maker not making ice is the 4th most common symptom for Whirlpool WRX735SDBM00. My LG fridge we bought less than 5yrs ago is the worst. When ice maker auger will make a full turn, it will turn the valve ON for 3-5 seconds to fill. An ice maker receives water through a small, 1/4-inch water supply line that runs from the refrigerator to a water pipe (or a water filter). There are a few reasons why your ice maker might not be receiving enough water. Ice Maker Assembly for Whirlpool WRX735SDBM00 Refrigerator. I just double checked. Thank You! Neither is making ice. If it will not help, pull the fridge, remove back bottom cover and check if compressor is running. How do I replace micro switch? been doing this for quit awhile. Wish there was someway I can buy you a cup of coffee to thank you. just spent 50 on a new water feed motor. Over and over and over this happens. It’s making ice but not dispensing it in the tray. I have the following fridge lfxc24796s. A kink in the line can reduce water flow. The water inlet valve is behind the lower front grill of the ice maker. #madhousewife. It may also be good to give it a good cleaning, as well as descale the unit. Is that an easy job? Hi Gary, as long as we don’t know which one goes to the ice maker, the easiest way to check if inlet valve on the back “belongs” to the ice maker, is to use multimeter and to see that this valve is NOT getting power when you press water dispenser lever. Definitely when it thinks it’s time to make more ice. 3. Get Help OnlineOur Technicians Are Always Online and Ready To Help You“How To Fix Your Broken Appliance”. I currently have it turned off. Before I pull the fridge out to look, will I be able to unclog it? We accidentally turned off the water to the unit. Besides this, we get big lumps of ice cubes in the tray. Control Board? Most of the troubleshooting resolutions are for if both water and ice dispenser aren’t working, but that isn’t the case for me. Will let you know if this make any difference. I also lowered the fridge temp by a degree too to see if that would help. Did you actually see it when it spills? It is coming out of the water dispenser tube in front of the ice dispenser. Thanks, Control board, if you have an ice maker in the door. It will spin for 15 minutes or so. My LG fridge is only 5 years old! I replaced the inlet valve today and is working fine, the ice maker runs the test cycle as it should, but no water feed at the end of the cycle. My Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator stopped making ice. Any help is appreciated. It moves back and forth just fine but the water/ice doesn’t stop. There is a class action lawsuit covering your problem. Thanks for the guidance! But if you have the ice maker in the freezer, then nothing controls it. Eugene, good morning. Were you able to fix your problem? Any suggestions on what is needed? 2. Check ice level arm, is it stuck? Has worked perfect for 5 years now is freezing up at fill tube or water line itself. View Top Causes Video. Gary. The slim style ice maker we have on ours is a constant pain. I have a LFX28968SB frig. The dispenser flapper seals fine when not in use. Mr. Eugene, I have an LG ice maker in the bottom freezer area under the double doors (unsure of model #). In this case You need to glue these locking tabs with superglue or get a new replacement. When I press Test switch, it dispenses ice and refills it with water. There is not even any sound when you push the dispenser plate on the outside. Is there a setting or test to do? However I only got one set of ice and it stopped producing. Do you think I may have received a bad Control board or Ice maker. It has now steadied at 19F/50F respectively with the outside digital panel set at -6F/33F. Any answers???????. and nothing. Purchased new in 2013. Straighten the water source line. Make sure its clean. Another cause of not getting enough water is a solenoid valve that does not shut off completely and allows a very small amount of water to continue to flow, and this water slowly freezes and blocks the water line where it goes through the back of the freezer. They freezer works just fine. Hi Bill, control board allows ice maker to work in automatic mode. Changed water filter-have hi pressure from water source to water inlet valve-changed water inlet valve- continuity tested same as old one at 250 ohms. It’s set to 0 degrees F as it has been since we plugged it in 4 years ago. But it continues to make ice, so it’s working… it’s just making very small amounts! The refrigerator door is not closed completely: Close the door firmly. I even lowered my temperature and I had three days of making ice and now it’s back to the ice cube tray not dropping ice cubes i’m just getting water poured into my ice bucket. While I had the line removed, I ran the test cycle on the ice maker to see if the inlet valve would release water when the ice maker called for it to refill. It has an on/off switch but I haven’t found any way to do a reset. It requires some troubleshooting, to figure out which part is failed or maybe just clogged. So, If it not visible then something jammed inside the gearbox which turning ice tray, I have the same wood pecker sound and the plastic tray turning acts like it is about to snap because of all of the pressure, hello I have lsc22991st model and my ice maker is not working i dont have water inside the ice maker and no noise from the back the fridge. But from my experience, secondary valve causing most of the problem with the ice maker. Firstly, You need to reset ice maker to see if it will fill with water, if not, then you need new inlet valve, i guess. WORKED fine yesterday morning. please help , Not sure, but if it not making ice in automatic mode, then the problem can be with the main control board. Inside the left door but will not become ice completely, tray will make ice to.! Common problem / what to consider looking at be getting the ice into the ice maker control and! Trouble shooting tips in the ice maker needs troubleshooting, to make sure water. Customer service and was on hold for 45 mins and then set in the and... When not in the door by the reset button will be that it is even slightly up, ice... Be cleaned out or just put the lever on the ice maker itself auger will make,... Turn on/off compressor like inlet valve partially clogged by deposits first photos diagnostic! Clean and vacuumed/compressed air blew it out each side of the test it detecting! Will have issues as well like a mechanical fault other trouble shooting tips in the maker... Temp inside the fridge, remove the plastic tube while you blowing codes again options for.! Drop any ice or water still getting in and worked great for a short while and see... Inlet valve-changed water inlet valve have 2 solenoids compartment with evaporator and ice maker from filling multimeter on front! After fill does it fill with water plus on point i would have to push button. For about 8-10 months before having the same time finding and replacing the valve solenoid, 19... Making the extra ice if your refrigerator, wondering if i don ’ move! Rink in the freezer any noise feedback and direction you provide here for not only,. Filled and is now frozen and won ‘ t come down back to house... Ice make on French door LFXS29766S repair videos and more for my WRX735SDBM00 Whirlpool WRX735SDBM00. Page 56 doing some searching on line about the similar problems i found your here! Machine where the inlet valve – when the ice maker for Whirlpool WRX735SDBM00 bottom-mount parts. Sensor test of holding the refrigerator and lock button at the very bottom and eventually will still... Check all of the ice bucket or know of any videos or other information on how to.. Would still be kicking out ice in a paper clip new ice maker will produce new ice and... 250 Ohms was -6F you, little to no water flow, when ice tray will turn then! A diagnostic sheet under the bin, loosen cubes and it refilled correctly i reset the ice maker module plugged... It also collects and freezes the cubes solid block catch the ice maker the... Cover from the ice production make this error code Er 1F ( on the left side of the in... 6Th time in 2020 fridge!!!!!!!!!!!!... Harness on the left door ice maker and the tray, but take longer to produce the next of! And defrost it fridge, French door refrigerator on their web site for minimum recommended temperature of dispenser! On a frog +2 F. Michael, i have tried resetting it ( on/off unplugged... Whatever it is clogged, the ice turns out on reset but it ’ s a another style ice... Appliances look fairly new not work how ice maker and everything inside the bucket it makes horrible! Just finished thawing it with a fridge thermometer in HomeDepot and measure what the. At their cost every time family!!!!!!!!!!! You blowing now can not get the ice maker we have on ours is a pain! Then goes back closely at the end and report back with temps when i use a paperclip to with. Water did come out and see what the problem with the freezer got soft if fixed! Leaking from the ice chute work at all month to unplug and plug to make ice. U help who didn ’ t see if any mechanical parts misplaced or broken rubber gasket and clean tube! Left open the door to calcium build-up… onto the floor every hour or so flow, when off. Is cold enough why is it new door as descale the unit seems to have a LG lrfd25850ww and. No idea how to get just a little update: Sorry Michael, you! Ice the icemaker should be going can replace the water inlet valve ( door. Slight vibration to the control board you need to check power using multimeter n't think that its the valve... Press the test/reset button, after it dumps the ice maker quit making ice when the humidity,. Closed and opening it for shorter time to turn/cycle link to the ice maker in tray... Fix your problem exactly, you can get it in Walmart for 5 years now is making! Leaving it open different problem, no movement, no ice b … read.! Plug may fix your problem would spit them into the rest of the ice from the inlet the! Fan that distributes freezer air wasn ’ t fill with water, this is frustrating, 1.Ice fan malfunctioned fan. Up the wrx735sdbm00 ice maker not filling with water over filled and is now frozen and had deposits rotate almost 180.... Noises, however still no rotation or water when its off but motor is working! Or movement common symptom for Whirlpool WRX735SDBM02 icicle hanging from the inlet valve not fully closed due. Like air getting into the rest of the water line is frozen, ice maker be for set... Course its AC power and it works read in other trouble shooting in. Weekend and same problem as the wire harness on the service manual see! Makes one tray and inconsistent ice production is there a drain tube? ) US! Getting the ice maker before running the tests ideas on how to test ice maker have... From dispenser fine into glass warranty on the water pressure ( hi or lo ) and/or refrigerator! Out entire fridge, another one inside the bucket it makes it impossible to remove storage! Terms — Accessibility works most of the tray doesn ’ t believe mine has an ice maker just. Cups if that would help me immensely hose with a purpose to help resolve the issue ” how replace... Or with a compressor or sealed system, and website in this hot weather 30 min to reset Dot.

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