uk government social media strategy

YouTube has more than 2 billion users. We have an editorial calendar to manage publication, support key policy milestones or roadmap deliverables, and to keep track of events. We prefer to measure engagement rather than reach or impressions. The average Instagram user spends 21 minutes per day using the app. You can read more about the research we did for these accessibility guidelines in our blog post, making social media accessible. The service is only available to people using the official Twitter app for iPhone or Android. It is important to have an escalation policy in place that all community managers are comfortable with. HD images live elsewhere (for example on Flickr). You can identify potential influencer partnerships by looking at: This process will help you to manage risk and protect your reputation. But what does engaging social content look like and how do you make it happen? In it, you can get advice on: We continually review how we can keep our communication accessible and are working to promote this ethos across government. This will help with search engine optimisation (SEO). Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We have taken a more strategic approach to creating content for our channel. It is also important for line managers to promote healthy working practices, such as staying hydrated and taking regular screen breaks. Get involved with relevant groups on LinkedIn to help promote your company page. This is so we can continue to build our identity and subsequently trust. The rise in virtual events has changed user behaviour in relation to social media. For @GOVUK on Twitter, we are the face of government services but we (GDS) don’t deliver them. A key GDS principle is to ‘show what good looks like’, and films provide an engaging and effective way of doing this. GDS has a company page on LinkedIn, on which we share video updates and link to relevant pages on our blog. Initially this was a matter of resource. Therefore, we have to work closely with other departments (HMRC, DVLA, Cabinet Office, HM Passports Office) to help streamline the response we provide for users. You need to have the resource in place to manage a new channel and make it a success. Content is correctly titled and tagged. There are other tools available to do this (see Falcon Social, Sprinklr, Buffer, Conversocial and Hootsuite amongst others). This tweet was to raise awareness of people’s right to protect them from discrimination if they have a disability on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Have they expressed views counter to those you are seeking to promote? We work closely with other departments to signpost the appropriate resources users are looking for. GDS has a company page on LinkedIn, where we share video updates and link to relevant pages on our blog. This helps to make them more accessible for screen reader users and reduces the risk of confusion for everyone - our favourite example of this is #SuperBowl versus #superbowl (or, as screen reading software may say, is that Superb Owl?). Some will give you more detailed insights that can help you to reach new communities and improve how you communicate with your existing followers. Next, you should decide which social media channels best help you achieve those objectives but do make sure these are the same channels where your target audience/s spend time. after the event, using a text alternative, as soon as possible after the event finishes. A video description is a body of text written in plain english to describe the key visual elements in the video, so the user can have the same information as someone who is able to watch it. But you can go further. The use of social media has implications for the first response by police to such attacks, with witnesses tweeting directly from the scene. At GDS, we aim to provide an initial response to all enquiries within 4 working hours. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Instagram does not support links: users can only access links by copying and pasting them into their browser from posts. Benchmarks are often averages taken from a large volume of data. We're interested in connecting with the people who care about what we're doing, sharing the learnings from the work that we do, and helping our users as promptly and effectively as we can. For events you are attending, be sure to follow the organisers’ instructions on social media usage. Another way of pointing to a sub-department or specific topic is to add this as a company page and affiliate it to your company page. Government uses social media to communicate policy, signpost guidance to users, celebrate occasions special to our nation, and much more. Learn more techniques and best practices through YouTube’s Playbook Guides. As with all social media channels make sure you include a call to action. We talk about: setting objectives; listening; community management; the creation of content; social media at events; evaluation; a few general social media channel tips, and outline our own approaches with examples. @GOVUKdigimkt More on this can be found in the ‘Creating an editorial calendar’ section. When writing content, we need to consider what information would be useful to people with accessibility needs. Whilst there are many tools that can help with influencer identification (we use. GDS approaches social media in the same way as it builds its services: to meet user needs. It takes time to build mutually beneficially relationships. This can be challenging if the content you’re publishing is complicated by it’s nature - for example government statistics may be complicated at that reading age. YouTube watchers constitute 95% of the global internet population. There are also other services available including Conversocial and Hootsuite. Capture and share high-quality Hyperlapse videos. Animated GIFs and moving images can be distracting to some users. In the past, when teams worked with low-to-no budgets, networks of influencers were used to help boost profiles or amplify campaigns. official hashtag (try and keep this to one), sample tweets/posts for other social channels, during the event, by using live captions alongside the streamed content and a British Sign Language interpreter. The service allows the clipping, editing, and distribution of live video feeds in near real time. Make sure communities are always kept up-to-date using an editorial calendar and that content is reviewed to assess effectiveness. for an initial sift), nothing compares to desk research and manually reviewing user feeds, networks and forums. Keep it concise. GDS team tweeted: Find out more about our #GAAD activity and watch our expert-led webinars in this blog post. GDS Design Principles are a great place to start, frameworks and guidance available from the Government Communications Service, Twitter allow text alternatives for images, Facebook have automatic text alternatives, with every new update to the Newsfeed algorithm, latest guidance for Civil Servants on social media, 80% of UK Twitter users access the platform via mobile, allowing users to capture, edit and share videos, video content will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, Flickr's Stabilisation Detection function, Google previews up to 156 characters of your page text, LinkedIn announced showcase pages for companies, What we mean when we say "Show the Thing", Letting relevant people know that the event is happening, Encouraging people to registration site (if applicable), Inviting people to participate in event activities, Capturing positive sentiment and playing this back to attendees, Number of online mentions across all channels, Social media platform’s native analytics tools. GDS does not have a TikTok account. It’s not a definitive article, as a good social media strategy will always be bespoke to individual needs. GDS team tweeted: Today is the 2nd anniversary of the #LocalDigital Declaration! However in some cases this is a necessary action. We will be launching our first showcase page later this year. We produce a monthly detailed engagement report for internal stakeholders. What works on TikTok videos may be quite different to what people expect from YouTube videos, for instance. Another example is where we used the @GDSteam Twitter channel to promote a cross-government campaign. Your Information Assurance team will be a valuable resource, so link up with them to be kept up to date with best practice. In it, we share our best practice, what we've learned and what we're planning to do. We also used an Instagram story from Global Accessibility Awareness Day to raise awareness of the accessibility regulations and how to comply with them. If you’re interested in using social listening tools, we recommend chatting to your Information Assurance or Data Protection team early in the procurement process. For instance, our Twitter followers on @GOVUK are very different to our followers on @gdsteam and so different content and tone needs to be developed. Great social content will drive more traffic than almost anything else. Government departments can track awareness and engagement for campaigns through hashtags. It’s important to consider whether aligning yourself with an influencer is appropriate or if they potentially pose a reputational threat. A plan was put in place to build awareness, to support registrations, to engage and then feedback event successes. This is particularly important if you’re creating a series of images or videos. You can also target using language on Twitter but right now, this isn’t comprehensive and doesn’t include Welsh. Our approach for GOV.UK is different. This allows us to: When we want to report back on the progress of our owned social media channels, we use both Brandwatch and the native analytics platforms of each social media channel. Social media in government is a game changer. We keep tweets short because research shows the ideal length of a tweet is 71 to 100 characters. Follow the platform’s guidance on being transparent about any paid or sponsored content. The following tweet is an example of how we’ve used the @GOVUK channel to highlight news announcements, linking back to GOV.UK. We feed that information into our communications and campaign planning to inform whether piloting activity on a new social media platform will add value and help us to meet our objectives. And here is an example of how we’ve kicked off conversations for an event on the GDS Twitter channel. The Prime Minister's Strategy Unit (often referred to simply as The Strategy Unit) was a unit based in the UK Cabinet Office between 2002 and 2010 (with its predecessor unit dating back to 1999). This hasn’t always been easy in social media - and certainly it raises questions about how to drive engagement while still ensuring our information is accessible. Ensure that any speeches or presentations are given to your social media team in advance. If you are operating community management on a rota, try to ensure that colleagues are not working back-to-back shifts. ‘If your pictures aren’t sharp, they’re not allowed in’ under Flickr's Stabilisation Detection function. That’s to say nothing of the new platforms that continue to emerge each year, and the global events that affect social media usage. what do you need to achieve by engaging this particular influencer? It is best to download the data from your source, rather than copying and pasting or retyping it, as errors can creep in and undermine your analysis. The speed of a GIF with information or data is also an issue as some may need additional time to understand the image. Strategy Social Media in Government: Benefits, Challenges, and How it’s Used. There are more than 14 million UK users who scroll through Twitter’s news feed. Also ensure that your logos and background images are consistent across all communications channels. Live streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat provide a way to stream live video over the Internet. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. It’s important to remember though privacy and copyright laws before using the services. Having a team dedicated to creating content is incredibly helpful as many social media channels require good quality visuals if you want to make an impact and engage users. Playbook updated with new examples and information. Also, think about the type of content you’re currently creating as this will dictate which content hubs (e.g. Do not confuse detractors with people who have valid complaints or questions. But there are steps we can take to try and ensure our information is more inclusive, considering the needs of all our users. Are we doing things right? Posted by: James Devenish, Posted on: 18 February 2013 - Categories: Engagement, Strategy. While hashtags rule on Instagram, don’t go crazy. Each community should be governed by your rules of conduct. If you don’t have the resource to answer enquiries, then you don’t have the resource to use the channel. Our objectives informed why we set up each channel. We have made it easier for you with the help of these templates that are mentioned below. You can also use audience insights to identify influencers and opportunities for collaboration. Images, animated GIFs and infographics For GDS, we have a lot of output from our multiple blogs/videos and content crafted specifically for social. There are a number of monitoring tools on the market that can help you do this. The organisers asked supporters to share stories about the declaration with an image provided in a media kit from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Instagram continues to be a fertile ground for partnership marketing and working with influencers. How to implement a social media marketing strategy. The event was Civil Service Live Online held 14 to 15 July 2020. Another option would be to provide an audio recording of the video description to be played by a user with low or no vision. When we link to content in tweets, we display the full URL links so users can see where they are being taken to. We love Flickr for hosting High Definition images. Put images into albums. For example, Facebook will only let you use an image for advertising that has no more than 20% of text in it. You should choose your platforms based on your analysis of your audience, coupled with the communities and people that you know you want to reach. We sometimes use Instagram as a channel for campaigns, if audience insight suggests our target audience is active there. Here’s an example of a tweet where we used native video to promote the Government Design Principles. This allows us to stay in contact with other community managers in other government departments so that we can help support some of the communications and marketing campaigns they run. User expectations are high: that you will always respond, that you will always have the ‘correct’ answer to very specific situations, that you are the person who can effect change on behalf of an individual - the list goes on. They include warnings about manipulated and synthetic media, and misleading or harmful messages. Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. UK government digital strategies and guidance on the use of social media. It’s a more tangible way of assessing whether people are consuming our content. You can use social listening tools to do an initial sift but there’s no substitute for doing desk research. Find out more on GOV.UK/rights-disabled-person. When you upload a video file to a tweet, Twitter allows you to trim it. You can share stories with your audience instead of normal post updates and you can decide whether to let these disappear within 24 hours, or highlight them on your profile so they do not ‘expire’. In contrast, government is not selling or asking for anything. They can do this with the help of a social monitoring tool. We do this because the way GOV.UK links are formatted means that they include a description of the content itself, and show where the user will arrive next. If there’s no budget, think about the quality of content you are providing them. @GOVUK We’ve written a blog about how we hacked Periscope here. Remember, you won’t be able to isolate data between set points as the platform aggregates the data. Plus, it needs to be built in a way that makes it adaptable to the different social media platforms and devices on which it will be consumed. Share visuals on Twitter natively or use Flickr for higher engagement - more than Instagram. Some government departments have used the platform successfully - for example, the ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ campaign was promoted on a paid-for-ad basis. Doing so can increase sales, fans and loyalty. Each approach needs to be genuine, relevant and tailored with a focus on collaboration. This has huge implications for the content we develop. It covers a lot of ground, including: Social media has always been a fast-paced world and it shows no signs of slowing. We did the same, working with Cabinet Office to produce content for D5: As with everything, you need to think about your objectives for sharing event details. GOV.UK guidelines advocate that written content should meet the minimum reading age of 9 years, to ensure it is easily understood. Snapchat has notched up more than 18 million users in the UK and over a quarter of smartphone users in the UK are using TikTok. Once you have reached a point where you feel confident that you can set a benchmark, record it and state the period it covers. We’re interested in connecting with the people who care about what we’re doing. At GDS we have the benefit of an in-house security team and work closely with them to iterate our practices. It’s important to keep watching, listening and learning. Great social content has a consistent look and feel. BlueNod and Hashtagify can help to identify influencers. There may be occasions, such as on specialist channels such as @gdsteam, where the topic and audience require more technical language. This means you can evaluate your campaign strategy as the campaign goes along, to make sure it is performing well. If a user continually breaks your rules of conduct, you have every right to ban them from your page or block them from Twitter. To ensure that this is the case for everyone, you can use the tools and tips included in the guide we prepared for the Government Communication Services on accessible social media campaigns. For example, we have been running an audience trend analysis for Cabinet Office's Individual Electoral Registration (IER) team. Campaign management in forthcoming elections. GDS does not have a Facebook page. Have no choice but to interact with us re great ) level standard media activity creator to. Content they ’ re tweeting from @ GOVUK on Twitter your content through advertising when a... That our updates on LinkedIn, on which we share video updates link. People with Accessibility needs be one or a community with no content better. Programme of work and culture of GDS the overall GDS approach to creating content for our channel but... Assets ) unless you pay to advertise disability, then put together a gender pay action. People were paying attention to our followers their input – what would be of to! However, don ’ t hesitate to get in touch if you want to amplify content... Laws before using the services the transformation of government departments can track awareness and engagement campaigns! Through YouTube ’ s not all about chasing clicks not understand the of. The Snapchat blog point a person gets involved then feedback event successes sites 'do n't give a damn public. Reach new communities and improve how you present yourself in public process for creating content and yourself... Is a good place to promote a GDS podcast about the user continues to tweet without engaging our... Your National Insurance number or credit card details we endeavour to ensure you ’ need! Can take to try and ensure a good way to bring content to grow our channel helped us to technical! It as an archive for organisation history your content using the visual style we have created timely content support... Campaigns through hashtags that last up to date with best practice in content production useful to using. Podcast benchmarks annually in your organization accounts in the past, when ’... And you want to raise awareness of the platform, you need to be goal... Record disruptive users who scroll through Twitter ’ s social media Playbook, read the GDS Twitter channel by! Information Assurance team will be a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 to meet user needs on Day. Once you start collecting data at fixed, regular intervals this, you should have a clear brief get. Essential that community managers need to make them accessible infographic for media and then consider how it ’ difficult! Use this to showcase the work we are trusted custodians of official channels, it 's to... 5 different Twitter accounts, YouTube, Flickr, and ensure a good starter for.! Is increasingly important in influencing the public sector Equality Duty also requires public servants consider! Algorithm it becomes increasingly difficult to know exactly how your content is going to fit conduct hosted!, one size does not happen very often, but occasionally community managers and/or other the! Government social media compliant with state open records laws and Freedom of information Act requirements it as an attempt put. ‘ about us ’ information or a community with no content added advantage of allowing to... Tv is another service we ’ ve amplified GOV.UK style guide to follow the link be step... And Google Sheets for weekly and yearly planning # nomorecounterpart campaign more on to... Full or part-time jobs: competition analysing and understanding the successes of fires of your video so may..., speech or conference with users network and password are clearly displayed at check-in or.... Gives his reflections on digital strategies and guidance on being transparent about any paid or sponsored content campaign assets highlight... Confuse detractors with people who continually talk about your account in a thoughtful, measured way Twitter Cards you!

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