salmonberry plants for sale

A deciduous shrub native to the Northwest and growing in all most sun and soil conditions, Rubus spectabilis (Salmonberry) bears flowers and edible berries. (ROO-bus spek-tah-BIH-lus) Rubus, derived from ruber, a latin word for red, is the genus of plants generally called brambles.The epithet spectabilis means spectacular due to Salmonberry’s showy flowers and fruits. A very popular plant with Northwest Native Americans, Salmonberry forms an attractive upright shrub growing to about 6 ft. in height. The common name Salmonberry … Salmonberry plants establish quickly and typically fruit in 1-2 years from our 16-18" size, they are also self-fertile so a single plant can produce fruit. End of Season Seed Clearance Sale on now! They are tolerant of growing in very wet soils and can be … It ripens early July through mid-August. Salmonberry The Rose Family—Rosaceae. 20% off all seeds + FREE … Salmonberry features large, pink to red flowers and golden-yellow to … Plant your Tayberry on a sunny site in medium, well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter. Our open-pollinated Salmonberry seeds are guaranteed to be free from any GMO contamination and of the highest quality available. Rubus spectabilis Pursh. Tayberry plants are cold hardy through zone 5. Choose Willis Orchards for top-quality Tayberry plants for sale!

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