qsc k12 2 review

You won’t get all the fancy (amateur) Inputs or dsp settings but you will get a no nonsense, amazing speaker. I used all the day at home since its purchase in early July to its credit already 2 dance party of about 100 people. Buy now & save $230. Color: Black, Speaker Type: Active PA Speakers QSC have a reputation for producing effective PA equipment for musicians at sensible prices, occupying the middle ground between more affordable but less refined systems, and high-end esoterica. Reviews & ratings: QSC K12.2 K.2 Series 12" 2-Way 2000 Watt Powered Speaker. 15 user reviews on QSC K12. Make no mistake—the QSC K12.2 is nothing short of a game changer. With a redesigned, ultra-efficient power module that routes nearly twice the power to the low-frequency driver compared to the legacy K Series, this robust 12" enclosure sets a new standard for active PA systems. By all means, qsc is great for what it is and you would be happy with the cp or k12.2. The new KS212C sub version wasn't available yet. The k12.2 is an improvement but that hd32 is in a different league. They come with a six-year warranty. Power and PortabilityThe K12.2… g had a lot of bose system PANARAY 502a and b, ev … The K12.2… This new K.2 … QSC provided two models for testing, the K8.2 and K12.2, along with a regular K-series sub.

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