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While it doesn’t have the same flashy graphics, the concept of playing the note when it reaches a certain point is the same. In fact, the accuracy measures for piano practice are quite similar to how Guitar Hero scores players. Playground Sessions review: Lessons and features Learn through playing Unlock intensive courses as you go; Playground Sessions uses well-known music to teach you the basics of playing piano, so you stay invested. For fans of Guitar Hero, Playground Sessions will feel familiar. Playground Sessions is a music application that helps people learn how to play piano through contemporary songs taught by YouTube sensation David Sides. With Playground, you are … The … Today, the Playground Sessions team is proud to announce the release of Playground Sessions 1.4. This release makes some important improvements on previous versions of Playground Sessions. Here’s a quick look at some of the changes in the new version: Bug Fixes. Backing Tracks . Every lesson and song comes with a backing track comprised of strings, drums, and guitar … By downloading Playground Sessions(FREE), and connecting your MIDI keyboard, you will be able to practice While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles, section by section. Fixed licensing installer. Browse Playground Sessions products Playground Sessions at Musician's Friend. Fixed expired members losing purchases. If you have no plans to be a solo piano player, Playground Sessions can back you up. You learn by playing, which is the motto of Playground Sessions. "Playground Sessions is the ultimate technology to bring music to people of all ages who have the passion to learn it.” SEE ALSO: 7 Fun Ways to Become a Real Guitar Hero

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