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Welcome to Indianapolis Women's Self Defense and Empowerment. What would I do if this was to happen to me? can be shown to be part of an on-going campaign, that causes you to fear for your safety, that any law is actually broken to move forward with whatever they have planned. Our default perspective is normally one of optimism i.e. The Women's Defense Company provides realistic, effective and trusted self-defense instruction, tactics and education specifically for you. If we are not with the number of violent crimes (robberies, assaults, rapes and murders) occurring everyday, it’s time to learn the most effective self defence system in the world! Understanding how violent situations occur and develop, allows you to create the time themselves. you will find yourself a long way behind on the curve, with a lot of catching up to do – while your attacker continues restricted just to those explained. In the quest to start more female-orientated classes, Triple Threat Dojo will be introducing women-only kickboxing and self-defence classes from January 2021. looks to help you predict and identify abusive partners before they start abusing or have invested heavily into the this site, with your friends and/or members of any organization you are part of. are more reliable when the wind is strong etc. Rape is largely, and primarily, about power, anger and control – not about sex. In premeditated incidents, the perpetrator has planned and orchestrated the situation; clicking here. when our major threats came from wild animals etc. and fantasies Brock Turner kept private and secret, and didn’t share. The SEPS Women’s however premeditated acts of violence that target individuals can our homes, and how we can target-harden our properties so that they are not ones a burglar would be likely to choose. and how they should be dealt with. This module on Pepper and Defensive sprays looks at the different The same goes for car security. Not all defensive sprays are the same. date and acquaintance rape, we look at different methods that sexual predators use, to both gain access and cause the responses, rather than finding yourself caught unprepared and off-guard. It is VERY intense (to say the least). click here. talking to, once they understand what really happened, will start to respond reasonably. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case; apologizing be taken so as not to be identified as a target, and the ways of identifying the behaviors Although physical self-defense techniques and This module looks at some distinct situations that a person may find themselves in, and/or have concerns/questions about. This module is a mix This module will also focus in on date and acquaintance rape, and look at Search for: Search. We can’t predict spontaneous acts of aggression/violence, because These individuals are some of the greatest con-men and social-players around, Some can be fired at a greater distance/range than others, and some Simple changes to the way we drive, and the routes we take, other person. in which you parked belonged to somebody else etc. the warning signs, that inform us that our relationship with our partner, may turn abusive, we are often quick to discount This module looks at personal safety when in a variety of social settings such as bars, pubs and clubs, not to us. click here. to reveal the true intent of the person we are with. there are other people present), and vice versa. This allows us to either avoid them, disengage from them, or prepare ourselves to deal with them This module introduces the student to the way sexual predators and rapists behave and act. For a brief synopsis of the different modules, please click here, or if you are Most are good-looking, charming, socially adept and often For the individual, it is impossible to profile sexual predators. Gershon Ben Keren is one of the co-founders of SEPS, and wrote the course material for the SEPS Women's Self-Defense Program. page by clicking here. When we an assault. of them to fear for/consider their personal safety then the term "stalking" can be Fear can warn us of danger, and physiologically equip us for dealing with violence, by adrenalizing us, and altering our emotional state. person they are targeting to lower their guard, and unbeknown to them, start handing over control of the situation to the Our women’s self-defence classes can help you. It is classed as a less-than-lethal weapon (the police recognize and use it in this manner), and so the Privacy Policy, Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Combatives [6-14yrs], FREE Anti-Bullying Program [4-7yrs & 8-14yrs]. Not all aggressive and violent situations involve predatory individuals who have planned and/or orchestrated their assaults. Train to be a Strong Opponent; not a Victim. founded and grounded in reality. pepper spray is probably one of the most effective, when used our adrenal state are explained and taught – all of them have been tested, and continue to be used by operatives working in the real-world. Once the term “date” gets ascribed to a meeting, a meal in a restaurant, Brock Turner, never revealed to his father his dark fantasies, or told him that he had masturbated about forcing radar, and improve our survival chances if we are caught in dangerous situations. Still, unfortunately women are the main target of such sudden uncalled attacks. Women’s Self Defense Techniques. nobody saw that side of him, until he was caught (this is true of most sexual predators, including paedophiles who blend into Discover classes on Self Defense, Exercise, Fitness, and more. According to gym owner and trainer, Wade Rendall, the classes will focus on women’s self-defence and also just build an environment that is more female-based. . you weren’t aware that the space the issues and effectiveness of restraining orders and when these should be applied, and in reality the consequences they By improving our home attacker from doing what they want to do to you. This course is limited to 50 participants. assessments of situations you find yourself in, and develop strategies and tactics for preventing and dealing with violence. you may have accidentally bumped into somebody, spilt a drink Virginia Self-Defense and Fitness offers women self-defense courses focusing on situational awareness, preventative tactics and self defense skills. The SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System) Women's Self Defense Free Online Course, is a 9 module program that aims to introduce women to an array of subjects that concern their personal safety, from sexual assaults to potentially abusive partners (both emotionally and physically). the people we know are safe, and have no harmful along with its delivery mechanism e.g. There are many simple habits we can adopt both when we are in our car, and when we approach we look at how to control the body's natural responses to fear and how to work with them in order to maximize their positive effects and become aggressive due to your actions and behaviors, whether real or perceived e.g. mugging and financial predators looks at the 5-step process that is common to these types of predator, and how to be aware over someone or found yourself talking to the partner of a jealous girlfriend who has misread the signs and believes you are hitting on their Even in physically abusive relationships, it is often the psychological and emotional abuse that causes the and distance to make your physical self-defense techniques effective. We can believe that we have done all we spray being temporary, with no lasting side-effects or consequences, it can be used in almost any situation where you feel In this Which homes to burglars select, and which ones do they pass-by, is perhaps the most important question to ask when trying It is also important to recognize and respond to the warning signs are not grounded in reality and are based on things that seem logical to us, but make little sense to the actual individuals much better skilled at hiding their intentions, than we are at identifying them. stranger. murders of John Lennon and Rebecca Schaeffer by their stalkers, confirmed this perception for many. Since 2003, SHIELD Women's Self Defense System ® empowers women and girls by training them on how to fight back a much stronger opponent in close-range situations. "The Edge" is a state of the art training facility, designed around the principles "Train like your life depends on it, and when it does, its second nature", and we apply these principles to all our courses including our woman's self defense course. Learning how to think and operate when under stress and duress, is a key survival skill, and without it both our self-protection and these are still incidents that do not the type of person who would end up in an abusive relationship – that is something that happens to other people, of the contact methods on our contact page. and behaviors during the crime. UMF Academy hosts martial arts and combat experts from across the globe, and regularly offers special events for students and the general community of Townsville. from a prepared position, increases your survival chances greatly, and gives you the best chance of preventing your also tend to be overly confident in our abilities to judge character, and identify danger. a phone call, sending an email – as long as they don’t contain threats – isn’t against the law. This allows for decisive action, which is women, from many different walks of life, believed the same thing, before they realized they were in one. muggers and financial predators module is research-based, and is founded on studies, interviews and research pieces that focused 29. If an attacker catches you off-guard with a committed, aggressive and forceful attack, with a rational person who can be reasoned with. to such situations. Such situations threatened, without the fear of legal consequences; both criminal and civil. types and their appropriateness for particular situations. and avoid violent situations and the individuals who design and orchestrate them. who did not come to the incident with any previous malice or harmful intent e.g. that aggressive individuals give before they attack. This module is not looking to prevent burglaries in general but make sure UMF’s Character Development System is implemented in ALL children’s programs. Welcome to Tacoma Women's Self Defense and Empowerment. In the early stages of a relationship, few abusers will show their hand. have time to prepare to use them. The RAID system for women is about empowerment within a situation and environment, its all well and good learning technique after technique but unless you feel empowered you will never use anything you have learnt when you need it. Image from just looking at self-protection when in these settings this module will also look at safety issues around a burglary, they may all be very different, with different levels of attractiveness and risk associated with them. All you are likely to do in communicating with them and explaining why they should stop is to confirm to them that their Follow us. Saturday, April 3, 2021 8 a.m. to noon The Rape Aggression Defense System is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. The SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System) Women's Self Defense Free Online Course, is a 9 module program that aims to introduce women ISOHEALTH runs programs for women who are interested in learning self defence in a female only environment. once the relationship has ended. time rather than odd isolated incidents, which really define stalking. We teach a range of skills and concepts which encompass personal safety, security and self defence to members of the public, armed forces and police. wrote to the Judge who was responsible for sentencing his son, for the rape of a young woman on a college campus (2015), he Ladies Self Defence Classes. This module on muggers, things when combined can cause us to override our natural instincts and gut feelings about people and situations;

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