how to store spinach and kale

Baby Spinach: Blanch for 90 seconds. Store your kale in an airtight container in the refrigerator. You can also use a bowl with a tight-fitting lid, but I prefer the bag because I can squeeze the air out. By keeping your kale fresh, you can try a week's worth of recipes - oh, kale … As a general rule most greens will need to be blanched for 2 minutes except for collard greens, which are more fibrous, and baby spinach … With this how-to on how to store fresh kale, you can keep all the greens you want. But like most salad greens, spinach is fickle, and if you don't store spinach correctly, there's a good chance your spinach … If you are wanting lots of nutritious vegetables to enjoy throughout the year then I definitely recommend those leafy greens. Kale: Blanch for 2 minutes. They’re … Swiss Chard: Blanch for 2 minutes. Most of us try to save time and money buying spinach or kale in bulk at places … Spin the kale to dry it well, and place a few paper towels in between the layers of kale … Try out some healthy kale chips or toss some in with your next breakfast smoothie. I like to use a zip-top bag with the air squeezed out. Whether you add it raw into smoothies, sauté it for an omelet, or bake it into a quiche, spinach is one of those rare, versatile vegetables that's easy to add to any meal for some extra nutrition. How To Preserve Spinach, Kale & Leafy Greens. Mustard Greens: Blanch for 2 minutes. A temperature above 50 degrees will … Storing your spinach in the refrigerator will slow down the nutrient loss process, so you have the best, most nutrient dense spinach at your disposal. It is hard constantly going to the store buy fresh kale, spinach, or chard so you don’t have it rotting in your fridge.

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