how to hollow grind a knife by hand

The result is a sort of chisel effect. 4 months ago. As you can see, adding any of the above plastics on the bottom will allow it to slide easier. Makes sense, because the edge is also sharpened. I only had a scrap piece of Lexan that was large enough but it still reduces the friction some. You will need a bolt, preferably two, to be able to attach the post to the plate. This is probably the most common grind, especially in mass-produced knives. 4 months ago. I just did a quick grind and was really happy with how much faster it was to get a good even grind. 4 months ago The blade profile is short to give improved precision and … Whether you call it a hollow ground or a hollow grind, you can sharpen these knives with ease. I used the hinge as a template for where to drill the holes and then drilled and tapped the holes to accommodate the bolts that came with the hinge. There are rights of passage that ALL newly minted knifemakers to-be go through. By setting a specific angle on the jig and then attaching a knife blade to a jig, you can grind quickly and accurately without the high level of skill required in so-called \"freehand\" grinding. I originally wanted to put in a set screw but held off because I wasn't sure it needed it but after the test grind I think it would be very helpful. Bob’s fixed blade features a nice, clean hollow grind. “The flat grind is the best for the kitchen as it does not wander when making thin slices,” he opines. Most likely it was a conversation between two flintknappers sitting around a cave—and the battle of which grind is the best rages on to this day. A scandi is inherently the thickest grind you can have on a knife with a certain edge angle and stock thickness, though, so if a knife has any other grinding already done to it, the only way it can be converted to a scandi is if it has a thick-angled saber grind. But if you would rather, using two nuts is definitely a great option. In addition, cuts from a duller knife are likely to be more severe than those from a sharper knife. Sharpening a Hollow Ground Knife. Using extra energy—in what might be several hours of standing—can tire even the most experienced chefs. I work mostly in the flat grind camp but, a recent commission has me … on Introduction. I can't give you a very good cost estimate because I only needed to buy the hinge and bolts/screws. In this video, knife maker Walter Sorrells shows an extremely cheap and simple jig, yet also effective for use in grinding. There should be a little gap so that the plates do not rub against the round part of the hinge when it rotates. I'd opt with calling it a razor grind. 11 months ago. Set the knife on the rest with the machine on and rock the blade forward to start grinding, moving the knife left and right. But, I wanted to test out the jig at this point to just see how well it worked. I used a 5 inch long 5/16 bolt. I then started sea… Reply For those who are curious, the following are the coefficients of friction for steel on these various materials: Hint, lower is better. if you have any solutions to this problem i would love to hear them. This layer also provides clearance for the bolts that hold on the bolt post. (One of those really simple grinding jig) I am really confused on how high the set screw should go to have the correct bevel on my knife. Blade design, style and purpose. Rather than being ground in a concave or convex curve, the grind of the blade is tapered consistently or in a flat manner from the spine to the edge of the blade. Some … A kitchen knife is usually enhanced with a flat grind, a Scandinavian bushcraft knife with a scandi grind and hunting knives with a hollow grind. Concave, or hollow, grinds are quick to sharpen, but delicate. Bolt (Must be fully threaded and recommended to be at least 4.5 inches long. Unless a knife is wide enough (from the spine to the edge) there almost has to be some type of Shallow Hollow Grind. Slide the blade across the steel like you are cutting a thin slice off the steel. How to easily grind Flat and Hollow Ground bevels. I also cover how I blend in my plunge lines. I then drilled a hole in each corner and countersunk it so that I could use a small flat head bolt to attach the Lexan to the bottom plate. I think I have some brass rod that I can use between the set screw and bolt. John talks about the Copper Canyon one of the models in the DK current model collection for 2019. Great work! Hollow grind — a knife blade ground to create a characteristic concave, beveled cutting edge. These bevels are what forms your knife’s cutting edge. This knife is designed to serve as a small, light weight companion to a larger chopper such as an axe or machete. One of the handiest tools in the knife maker's shop!Help the channel and get a discount on belts from Combat Abrasives! Now I know some will say just learn to hollow grind free hand but if I am honest I would like to learn how to grind with the plate also as it would likely speed up my process. But I think it is possible as long as you can attach it securely. Use a wingnut for one of the nuts maybe with a split washer. This will establish the hollow grind (you should get both sides started before you remove the vise grips so both sides have the same starting angle). So, I thought I would ask my fellow knife makers to see if there's something I may be missing. It's been really handy for grinding all sorts of things when it needs to be at a specific angle. If you want, this is as far as you need to go to have a functional grinding jig. Hi, love the pattern, want to make one my self, how do yuo attach the acorn nut to the back of the door hinge? The hollow grind utilizes a profile that is concave in nature for the main grind of the knife blade (see image below). You’ll often see them on straight razors. Saved by Nicholas Lichtenberger. The sides curve inward until they meet. Because there is less material directly behind the edge, this type of edge is less durable (although the degree to this is more theoretical than in actual practice). OK, all that being said, while a true hollow grind does have a place in the knife world, I choose to only use it on those type blades where it's a benefit rather then a hindrance. Use a small bit of brass rod the diameter of your set screw hole.

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