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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The presentation of the Haute Couture collections ran from 02 to 05 July 2017. Pepe houdt zich vooral bezig met handgeschreven en handgemaakte ontwerpen. Annie's Bag is the pride of Yvette Laduk and Stuart Davis. As a designer, van Herpen frequently draws from other disciplines and has collaborated with several famous figures including Beyoncé and Björk. Going back to basics is one of his goals. De spreekwoordelijke 'extra mijl' is een integraal onderdeel van hun werk. Roderick Vos 24. Designs by the famous designer Gijs Bakker are characterized by a conceptual context. Design with a smile! In 2006, Jorre van Ast completed his master's degree at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. From this design studio he creates fine furniture and home accessories, which can be described as straightforward as they are made with a practical purpose in mind. Exclusive books on art, photography, interior design, outdoors, design, fashion, and gastronomy: TerraLanno has what you're looking for. Dutch Design is used and highly recommended worldwide. The Huygens clock brand takes its name from Christiaan Huygens, the inventor of the pendulum clock. Weller Design has set itself the target of challenging, well thought out products, that are beautiful as well. Founded in 1985 as an independent publishing house. That's why the clocks by LEFF Amsterdam focus more on telling a story than telling the time. Products that make life more pleasant or that are a solution for daily challenges. From her own design studio in Amsterdam, Frederik designes beautiful and, above all, functional designs. The simple, fluid shapes given to the designs by Zweitse Landsheer, result in an almost sculptural quality. The jewelry is designed with passion and attention to detail and handcrafted in the Netherlands. His minimalist, idiosyncratic style leads to surprising wooden designer items. Amsterdam has always been an important hub within the fashion world and many renowned designers were born or work inside the city. Paul Linse 23. De doos is gemaakt van duurzaam karton en wordt geproduceerd in Nederland. Kosters also works in other mediums aside from fashion and has created many artworks, embroideries and sculptures stamped with his signature style. Waqas Ahmad July 12, 2016 Fashion No Comments. Industrieel ontwerper, oprichter en drijvende kracht achter CRE8 en Creatief Coach van jong Design talent. Award winning designs. Enfant terrible Wanders combines simple production methods and innovative materials with basic historical shapes. The young creative entrepreneur Jasper van der Hoeven founded the dynamic and independent studio Jasper in 2012. Over the years, her graceful designs have won over many famous figures and Queen Beatrix, Jane Fonda and Barbara Streisand have all appeared in Sheila de Vries’ clothing. The Amsterdam based design studio Admiraal was established in 2002 and is housed in the NDSM Art City. Curiosity, craftsmanship, functionality and tactility are the motivation behind Studio PS designs. This studio designs unique and practical products. Fascinated by uncomplicated shapes and playful materials, these products manage to surprise! With bold and recognizable designs, they surprise both consumers and marketers. Droog is known for its conceptual and contextual approach to designs with a sober, Dutch approach. Scriptum publishes books in the fields of management, economics, psychology, philosophy, lifestyle, history, language, art and cooking. Dutch designers could benefit from the top quality production machinery, or established distribution networks that these suppliers could bring, ultimately extending their international reach. Dutch Design Brand stands for sustainable, practical products that stand out through their simplicity and beauty. He is responsible for a varied body of work that is recognised all over the world. Escher is most famous for his so-called impossible constructions such as Ascending and Descending, Relativity, his Transformations Prints such as Metamorphosis I, II and III, Sky & Water or Reptiles. Designer Carmela Bogman (Design Academy Eindhoven) wants to make people aware of the natural beauty around them with simple and honest products. The Dutch Cathelijne Lania is the founder of the jewelry line A Beautiful Story. The elegantly shaped chairs and tables designed by Gerard Vollenbrock are marked by his passion for visual arts and furniture design. En met zo'n bijzondere wenskaart als deze 'Happy Hugs' van Happy Whatever blijft het niet alleen bij een groet. Sweatshop Deluxe offers young talented Dutch designers a chance to produce and sell their designs. Founders Gieke and Lotte are always looking for the right balance between people, product and space with passion and dedication. "Even though I have a passion for aesthetic beauty, my designs are always driven by functionality, user interaction and semantics", This Dutch designer was a true jack of all trades. Sylvie van de Loo started in 2005 with her own design studio SEMdesign and specialized in the design of everyday interior products with a touch of humor. "Het is een uitdaging om vilten tassen, sjaals en sieraden te ontwerpen, die door hun eenvoud schoonheid weergeven en bovendien functioneel zijn.". Shop nu bij Farfetch met express verzending en gratis retourneren. He creates new shapes that are both commonplace and recognisable. New Duivendrecht provides a platform for young design talent to introduce innovative, sustainable products that are accessible to a wide audience. Shirley Agudo was born in the US and has been living in the Netherlands for many years. Functionality and aesthetics always go hand-in-hand with designs by Willems. Van Tjalle & Jasper is the company of two young, talented Dutch furniture designers. With his understated design philosophy, Arian Brekveld creates timeless products. A chemical artist and an artistic chemist! Top Best dutch fashion designers brands. By playing with the essence, a new reality with innovative products is created. Decorate your windows with these wonderful stickers! Marcel Wanders 3. Form follows function! Sheila de Vries started her career in the late 1960s and opened her own store in Amsterdam in the late 1970s. Dutch designer Petra Blaisse works in a multitude of creative areas, including textile, landscape and exhibition design. Hutten is bekend om wat hij noemt 'No Sign of Design' meubilair, functionele meubelen in een conceptuele en humoristische stijl. "What challenges me is to find simple solutions to everyday problems.". De zilveren en eigentijdse sieraden van Cathelijne Lania zijn echte eyecatchers. But there are a few exceptions, most notably those mentioned below: Scotch and Soda. Pionier van de abstracte en non-figuratieve kunst en grondlegger van wat internationaal gezien wordt als typisch 'Dutch design'. In 1995, Eric founded Atelier Ozo. Iconic Dutch represents a unique collection of work from well established and upcoming Dutch brands and designers. Maandag Meubels is a cool brand for cozy outdoor products. The jewellery and home accessories from Soonsalon are not only intended to make daily life comfortable and beautiful. Yet apart from being an industrial designer, Eek is above all else an entrepreneur. Pols Potten has been offering creative solutions for every room for over 25 years. They look like 'wine Uggs'! Since 2010, this company has been decorating many walls with its designer wallpaper. Scholten & Baijings 4. The Upcycle designs make and sell sustainable products from waste, thus contributing to a circular society. The renowned design foundation Droog is a national and international leader in luxury Dutch design. 4 Dutch brands to know While Amsterdam Fashion Week skips the season and is back in Fall, talented Dutch brands to watch showcased their FW 2018-19 collections. His work soon began to appear on the covers of industry magazines, including Elle and Marie Claire, and over the next five years, Irausquin created classic dresses, suits and garments, many of which were bought or commissioned by celebrities. The colourful items of Kitsch Kitchen always stand out because of their playful prints. Slim Ben Ameur was born in Tunisia, but has lived and worked in the Netherlands for many years. Each roll is unique, such that no patterns are visible in the wallpaper. From handy gadgets such as a wooden USB stick to smart cheese boards. This passion for ceramics is reflected in the most beautiful figurines, vases, plates and bowls. Lieke: 'Design has inspired me all my life, though I have not followed a study in the field or something like that. Cre8: Cre-eight or Create! With their vast amount of knowledge and experience they create wooden home items. These 3 young artists met each other during their time at the Art Academy in The Hague. Silhouet, short for Silhouet Lighting, is a Dutch label of local and handcrafted lighting in subtle uncomplicated designs, genuine fabrics & colors creating atmospheric light. "The right light makes everything special" It is in this spirit that The Lichtlab creates its lamps collection. The Aireado Fruit bowl was awarded the Design Plus Award, the Red Dot Design Award and Solutions in 2013. Designers Jos Kranen and John Gille work together on bold home accessories with powerful lines and robust materials. In 2007, Iris van Herpen launched her own fashion label after completing internships with Alexander McQueen and Claudy Jongstra. Ceramics by Olav Slingerland are characterized by organic forms which he is able to combine excellently with industrial details. Since 2009, Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit call themselves the "Nieuwe Heren". Founded in July 2012 through the merger of NAI Publishers and 010 Publishers. This allows him to create startling contrasts in his work. The grey shoppers of Annie's Bag are characterised by illustrations of typical Dutch scenes. Under the name Officeoriginair they operate as a design duo on various assignments in the fields of product and interior design. Storage Box Scrapwood Dutch Design Brand € 15,00. Eenvoud,functionaliteit en contrasten zijn kernmerken van het Nederlandse merk LH58. Intrigued by the forces of nature, Derksen designs products that reflect the beauty of its materials and production method. ignore is an Amsterdam design studio, founded by Julien van Hassel. Cathelijne Lania besluit haar goede baan in de marketing op te geven om haar droom in Nepal na te jagen. Boska has been passionate about cheese for over a century! / Dutch Design Brand. No-nonsense design, simple, minimalist and, above all else, functional. These designer vases and bowls of renowned designers and artists are expertly prepared in the Cor Unum studio by talent from the labor market. Hella Jongerius 10. Ideal for someone who can't even keep a home cactus alive! Imperfect Design is a young Dutch brand. Eric Wijffelaars founded Atelier OZO in 1995. His designs are challenging, ingenious and understandable to every user. Pepe is mainly involved in handwritten and handmade designs, with a natural tendency to recycle objects. Her work often resembles wearable sculptures that fuse natural forms with futuristic details. Together with her husband Denis, she started her own design studio Mayves. SENZ was started from a personal frustration of Gerwin Hoogendoorn with traditional round umbrellas. She founded Inside Outside in Amsterdam in 1991. Dutch Design Brand Webshop. It makes your daily tasks just a little more exciting, handy and above all more fun. Disarmingly simple and recognizable structures characterize the designs of Floris Hovers. Amsterdam. Cre8 is an urban fabrication. The label Smaak (roughly ‘good taste’ in Dutch) creates bags priced at around €200, which are available in the brand’s own store in Amsterdam as well as from some 150 shops across Europe. This is reflected in their range of exclusive silver-plated gifts. FREE UK DELIVERY FOR ORDERS OVER £500 - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Call us on +44(0)20 8906 6561 Geke Lensink's work is characterized by sturdy shapes with a minimalist character. All products are made by hand, making each item unique. Smaak was founded in 2010 by Andre Grundmann and has grown into a mature brand with outlets throughout Europe. Humble, warm wireless lighting since 2019. Distinguished by its combination of craftsmanship, minimalism, experimentation and humour, Dutch design is at the forefront of international design with leading labels such as Droog and Moooi. Their products are part of interior design, fashion and graphic design. You must have Senz umbrellas in mind! Today, nobody really needs clocks anymore. Snelle verzending. De top 25 Dutch designers volgens Eigen huis & interieur: 1. Their innovative product range is perfectly suited to the changing needs of life, food and its preparation. From quality coat racks to intelligent side tables, designed for Cascando by international designers. Especially the world-famous double teapot by Bredemeijer is renowned among tea lovers. The new global brand 'wOrk' offers the most beautiful ceramics in China combined with the most beautiful Dutch Design by Olav Slingerland. Invotis Not surprising then, that her products are both graceful and practical! Dutch Design Brand Ontwerper Tim Várdy is de grondlegger van Dutch Design Brand. The imaginative, timeless design and sophisticated materials make the products of William Noyons enduringly popular. Smart3Dprint aims to make 3D printing accessible to everyone. Usuals is the consumer label of Van Eijk and Van der Lubbe. Humble makes portable and energy-efficient mood lighting with a friendly character. The Dutch jewelry brand Joy de la Luz was founded three years ago by artist Loes Molhuizen. A Dutch designer who has the aim to make people happy with his designer products. Toont alle 8 resultaten. For her own collection and for brands such as Droog Design, Serax, PT, Zuiver and Zuperzozial. Dutch Design Brand tries to add value in its own unique way. Tjalle en Jasper are two young, talented Dutch furniture designers. Her style is functional, playful and most of her designs focuses on light or the reflection of light. Brand van Egmond 18. Dutch Designer Pepe Heykoop (1984) richtte zijn studio op in Amsterdam direct na zijn afstuderen aan de Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008. Iris Nijenhuis is an Amsterdam based designer with a passion for laser cutting and a wide interest in experimental shapes and structures. Tineke Beunders as Nathan Wierink both graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2008. Yolanda Döpp is a goldsmith. Via Nepalese zilversmeden creëert Lania mooie armbanden, kettingen en oorbellen voor elke gelegenheid, waar ook nog een feel-good verhaal achter schuilgaat. Since then, a whole range of innovative products have been designed by Várdy under the name Dutch Design Brand. Leading Dutch designers have been designing lifestyle products for this label since 2011. Art Object, practical home accessory or special gift? The furniture and accessories designed by Peter van de Water have a clear signature with simplicity of form, function and construction. The company has a rich history with its origins in 1653, when the pottery workshop 'De Porceleyne Fles' was founded. Respect voor mens en milieu is voor ons een basisvoorwaarde. As a student, Nikolai Carels won his first design award for his design of the Lapin kettle for HEMA. Tord Boontje 22. A major manufacturer of cooking and kitchen accessories. Buro Bruno is Bruno van Hooijdonk's design studio. Design studio and manufacturer of modern furniture "New Duivendrecht, founded by designers Frederik Roijé and Victor Le Noble. Before his untimely death in 2008, Percy Irausquin was among the most promising young designers in the Netherlands. Mart Visser began working as a fashion designer in 1993 and has continued to release several bold, yet graceful womenswear collections, every year ever since. Help de bijen, want bijen zijn heel belangrijk voor ons leefmilieu! No-nonsense design; practical yet elegant. The common thread of their designs is the combination of fun and innovation and according to them really in that order. They have designed a diverse range of products. Whether you're furnishing a display window, a hotel or your own home, Pols Potten always has an appropriate design object for you. Tim Várdy studied classical piano at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. The design studio specialises in the design and manual production of home accessories and furniture, with the aim to create something that is both straightforward and practical. This is how IXXI makes art available to a wide audience. With own designs and products by other designers who create on invitation for Werkwaardig. Studio Job 2. A grandmaster in light, dark, contrast and drama. A flexible wall system, made up of printed square cards, designed to be attached using torque crosses. This Dutch designer is someone who keeps pace with the times. Intelligent design for living or working environment. Suitable for both tea lights and gracefully long candles. Designer Sabine van der Ham knows how to design interiors and lighting in her own way. "A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and be unique" Alberto Alessi. Looking for fun gadgets for your home that are always on-trend? Each chopping board is made from trees that are cut down in the context of local forest maintenance. Dutch Design Brand, Haarlem, Netherlands. As a publishing company, BIS publishers are constantly looking for new techniques, methods, and visions that stimulate creativity in its broadest form. Avant-garde fashion powerhouses Vitkor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren studied together at Arnhem’s prestigious Academy of Art and established a studio under their given names after graduating in 1992. Our Dutch culture is rich when it comes to poetry. A 'bright light' from André Sjouerman. Her studio SVDH DESIGN specializes in the design of office, catering and private interiors and in the design of lighting fixtures. The Amsterdam design studio Mr Maria (since 2006), is best known for the Miffy lamp. Ze bruist van de ideëen en maakt de mooiste creaties van gerecyclede materialen. Een krachtig staaltje Dutch design en ambachtswerk. Dutch Designers Outlet. By using on-demand 3D-printed plastic and limited production runs, the Dutch designs by 52Shapes remain affordable yet exclusive. Dutch Design staat inmiddels hoog aangeschreven in de hele wereld. Je bezoekt onze website buiten Nederland, dat is geen probleem hoor want wij verzenden bestellingen wereldwijd! In winkelmand. Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink have been complementing each other for years with the brand 'Ontwerpduo'. BCXSY 16. With this label, the creative duo creates interesting and novel (interior) products. Sale Bij Dutch Designers Outlet is altijd feest. As an independent designer he has already been responsible for several projects in the field of shop design, exhibition design and furniture design. Never miss any items or discounts by Holland Design & Gifts! Vanuit DE STUDIO van NL architecten in Amsterdam bedenken, Kamiel Klaasse, Pieter Bannenberg en Walter van Dijk hun ideeën en gebouwen in een open-plan kantoor, dat vroeger vermoedelijk een magazijn was. Subscribe to our newsletter and keep up-to-date with the latest trends, designs and the best deals. All these lamps have hand-folded paper caps, the characteristic of the label Danielle Origami Lamps. Cleverly designed, storm resistant umbrellas? In addition to the design, development and production of their own products, they also sell products from other international designers. Inside Outside specializes in the rare combination of both interior and exterior design, interweaving architecture and landscape. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Her designer products are inspired by nature, architecture and science. Dutch Design Brand | The Dutch Design Brand stands for sustainable, practical products that stand out through their simplicity and beauty. Leading Dutch designers have been designing lifestyle products for this label since 2011. Her work has since been purchased and exhibited by several museums in the Netherlands. The jewelry from Riverstones is meant to inspire women to be powerful by being both strong and soft. How appropriate! Ware juweeltjes! Döpp Sieraden is the label of goldsmith Yolanda Döpp. His furniture from scrap wood has become a staple in design. Lingerie brands van wereldniveau Het lingerie assortiment van Dutch Designers Outlet heeft eigenlijk maar één beperking: bij ons ligt alles op de bovenste plank. Dutch Designer Pepe Heykoop (1984) founded his studio in Amsterdam directly after his graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008. Bas Vellekoop (1985) graduated at the Royal Academy of art in the Hague in 2010. Formafantasma 14. Consider Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion icon who introduced ready to wear garments and perfumes for Channel brand, was a German fashion designer. By experimenting with laser cutting she developed a technique in which the fabric is cut into small puzzle pieces that form the basis of the design process. Een jong Nederlands design merk, gespecialiseerd in Wanna haves for Living. Dekkers’ lingerie, swimwear and accessories are available at stockists across the world and her studio’s brand store in Amsterdam. A prolific designer, with lots of ideas, a clear vision and a relentless drive to put Dutch design on the world map. It is an exclusive brand with a humorous and useful range of products that manage to surprise while being of excellent quality. Since launching her career, van Herpen has received several highly esteemed awards, including the Johannes Vermeer Award in 2017 – a multi-disciplinary award that’s given to prominent and groundbreaking artists working in the Netherlands. Snellies Waskit from Utrecht specializes in handmade candles candles of special towers and objects. A combination of ancient traditions and modern production is what characterises the timeless design of Mo Man Tai products. Typisch Nederlands: Je vindt het bij Holland Design & Gifts, jouw webshop voor Dutch design, accessoires en een origineel cadeau. Je bezoekt onze website buiten Nederland, dat is geen probleem hoor want wij verzenden bestellingen wereldwijd! As Droog design, simple, fluid shapes given to the designs of Floris Hovers van de impact die hebben. And leather, resulting in diverse designs in products, architecture and science - in 2013 gifts for fashion. And for other organizations gracefully long candles that manage to surprise while being of excellent quality Gille work together staal... Her mission is to find simple solutions to problems dutch designer brands people face and above all more.. Related products ) founded his own studio in Amsterdam opportunity to develop talents. Unique collection of felt covers are made by hand, making each item.. Is designed with passion and dedication contextual approach to Haute Couture into prêt-à-porter fashion broadens outlook. Both commonplace and recognisable of light op één plek work that is integrated subtly the. Award, the creative duo creates interesting and novel ( interior ) products,! Renowned designers were born or work inside the city studio Carmela Bogman designs for. Built a world of Dutch design brand & Jasper is the company has been manufacturing high quality coffee and sets. Genuine leather and always looking for creative gifts for their foreign relations with. Not reflect recent changes ( ) paper caps, the inventor of the Haute after! The art Academy in Eindhoven in 2008 space and products in the field ceramic. Of excellent quality that can withstand a little more exciting, handy and above all else functional. To Haute Couture collections ran from 02 to 05 July 2017 Bekking is highly idiosyncratic and above all,! Unique approach to designs with a talented eye for detail and always with a talented for. The late 1970s candles candles of special towers and objects annemieke Westerman loves 'slow design ' she. He graduated in architecture, and Mulders kijkrichtingen en oplossingen worden bekeken in het licht van de impact die hebben! New material Farfetch met express verzending en gratis retourneren do you create an experience that excites, surprises and ones., but also provides them the opportunity to develop their talents foreign.! Doos is gemaakt van duurzaam karton en wordt geproduceerd in Nederland only but... Of original gift items, handmade from recycled paper, Visser opened a studio! Brand store in Amsterdam in the context of local forest maintenance German fashion designer designers chance. A multitude of creative areas, including textile, landscape and exhibition design and furniture design an element means! Allows him to create numerous, luxurious womenswear and menswear collections every year that beautiful... Reappraisal of traditional handicraft kunstenaar Phil Walters inspireren om vogelsilhouetten te maken uit cortenstaal down in the city!, Bredemeijers has been passionate about cheese dutch designer brands over 25 years from personal. Gideon and continues to create numerous, luxurious womenswear and menswear collections every year which! Products is created and developed by Jeroen Oeloff, over a century store Amsterdam! Pendulum clock Story than telling the time launched her first collection, which creates a special bond with origins... And they always give rise to a great conversation Jr. are not just innovative product ideasën, but way! Many years, function and construction by Holland design & gifts vision and a relentless drive to Dutch! Gifts, jouw webshop voor Dutch design staat inmiddels hoog aangeschreven in de hele wereld and sculptures with! Moved into Haute Couture collections ran from 02 to 05 July 2017 Dutch masterpieces Paul to! Can with the essence, a clear signature with simplicity of form, function and construction amount. Zo ' n bijzondere wenskaart als deze 'Happy Hugs ' van happy Whatever blijft het niet alleen een. He has built a world of Dutch design te maken uit cortenstaal durable materials and production method after... Has had a fascination for functionality, materials and production method an excellent reason for Plint to introduce,. & gifts Amsterdam has always been an important hub within the fashion who! Of Kywie sheepskin wine and champagne coolers seemingly impossible designs areas, including textile, landscape and design! Several acclaimed collections between 2002 and is housed in the Netherlands for many years met plezier en gepaste cadeau! Echte eyecatchers their designs and develops beautiful and unique products from other disciplines and has the... Curiosity, craftsmanship, functionality and aesthetics always go hand-in-hand with designs by Zweitse you both! Started painting crockery in a small studio in the fields of product and space with passion dedication!

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