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- IBC Stairs Code 1009.4. But note that not all model building codes explicitly require the 36" dimension and instead commonly state that in the direction of travel the landing dimension shall be no less than the width of the stairway. It closes off/blocks the stairway which ends up behind the front door when open. Am I wrong or is this a stairway that is leading off a vestibule or foyer type area.? Illustration adapted from Approved Document K p. 19 cited below, © Crown Copyright 2011 reproduced for private research and study 2016/06/20 - Ed. Exceptions: Doors opening onto a landing shall not reduce the landing to less than one-half the required width. the width of the door. I am quite aware of these safety concerns, but this is absolutely ridiculous! All exterior doors shall have a landing immediately on the exterior side. door and a minimum of 36 inches in the direction of travel. I've looked and looked for building codes for exterior stair landings but have only found references to sizes of landings but no construction detail guidance. There are no other doors to obstruct this door. An interior door opens directly over the 7” drop. The minimum dimension measured in the direction of travel shall equal to the width of the stairway, but need not exceed 48” where the stairway has a straight run. concentrated load required by Section 1607.7.1.1 To get to the room next to the stairs you still have to walk through the couch area but the pairing of the couch and bench frame the space to give the seating area more structure. The width of landings shall not be less than On 2015-10-12 by RobbyO - 1-inch difference between first step up to an landing and remaining step riser heights. i have a 900mm gap at bottom stairs, i was planning on putting a door into garage but would leave not a lot of space between the door and first step, i know the 400mm regulation however. than 7 inches (178 mm) into a landing. stairway. inches (1219 mm) where the stairway Original source: The window opening is in the direction of travel when walking down the upper flight of stairs in this home. egress door are not at grade, they shall be provided with (900mm is just a bit under 36") - what's a "gap" in your lexicon? shall be not more than 11 IMO you guys are off base. ramps within 36 inches (914 mm) horizontally of How can I fit a door in a frame that is too small? This allowed for more room in the small entry-way. This document provides building code specifications, sketches, photographs, and examples of defects used in inspecting the platforms or landings used with indoor or outdoor stairs for building entrances, decks, porches, or interior building stairs. The minimum recommended stair landing width is between 34" and 36" ACROSS. Less swing over the stair tread. The floor or landing at the exit door required by Section R311.4.1 shall not be more than 1.5 inches (38 mm) lower than the top of the threshold. I'm building a stairway with a landing halfway up, then the stairs reverse 180 degrees and continue to the second floor. What are some tips for fixing gaps between door and jamb in an exterior door? On 2019-10-07 by Tony - Wisconsin Stair Codes - door at stair bottom vs Landing vs Riser. When we open a door that swings out over a step down, our hand on the doorknob guides where we step out and how far. fax to (202) 693-2498. landing shall have a minimum width of landings shall not be less than I'm trying to build something similar but want to comply to code. A door that opens onto the staircase creates a risk that someone will open it expecting a level floor and fall down the stairs. Thank you for the information. There shall be a floor or landing at the top and bottom of each stairway. ), including openings and space between rails. If I were to leave it open without a door is there a requirement as to how far my wall must extend past the staircase? A proper landing is required if door opens into the stairs which you say if does. Such floor or landing shall be at the same elevation on each Glazing adjacent to stairways, landings and Building stairway codes specify the size and placement requirements for safe, accessible stairway landings & platforms. Hi there. - - - 1. 6. We often find older one and two family homes at which a door opens directly onto a stairway without a top landing platform. of Docs., US Govt. The UBC describes landing specifications as: Landings shall have a width of not less than the width of the stair ... and a length measured in the direction of travel of not less than 36" - UBC 1003.3.1.6 & UBC 1003.3.3.4 Stairway landings. Furthermore, you won't find a code official who's going to come into court later and say "yeah we should have called that out" - even if it was an obvious error. [7] "The Elimination of Unsafe Guardrails, a Progress Report," Elliott O. Stephenson. The width of landings shall not be less than the width of stairways they serve. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. /4 unit vertical in Am I required to have 36” from the bottom riser to the door? Above: illustration of Diagram 7 p. 19, adapted from the U.K. stair guidelines shows that these rules require that a free-walking area of at least 400 mm [shown in red in the sketch above] be provided in the direction of travel at the bottom of a stairway. The The landing shall have a width at least equal to **R311.4.3 Landings at doors. occupant load of 50 or more, doors in any position shall not Interior stairway to basement from main floor. You can get creative in how your door opens by installing a latch on the backside that’s connected to a cable. In buildings other than dwellings, and particularly within a protected stair, a door opening across the bottom of the stair will form a bottleneck for those escaping, and the potential to cause serious injury. Many codes and code inspectors want a platform at the eit side of the doorway that's the same level as the walking surface inside - with minimal dimensions = the width of the door and at least 36" in the direction of travel.4. - Alameda CA Residential Stairway, Handrail, and Guardrail Minimum Code Requirements. The landing shall be permitted to have a slope not to exceed 0.25 unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (2-percent). below the interior floor level. Washington, DC 20210 Secure the framing to the existing wooden door framing and header. Your argument that stair top design justifies stair bottom design: in my OPINION, arguing that the presence of a top landing that fails to comply with building code and safety guidelines as a basis for building a second non-compliant and unsafe landing or door at a stair bottom is a poor one. the glass is less than 60 inches (1524 mm) above I am doubtful. This means that where codes like the IBC require a public access stairway (occupancy of more than 50) to be at least 44-inches wide, the platforms will have to be 44-inches in the direction of travel as well; the same IBC permits a 36-inch wide stairway for occupancies of 50 or less, thus permitting the stairway length of 36 inches in the direction of travel. (In this drawing the required handrails have been omitted for clarity.). I agree that it is attractive. - Florida Building Code, 1009.4 Stairway Landings. Handrails and guards - Florida building Code, 1008.1.5 Landings at doors. Measure the garage door opening. Our photo (left) illustrates several problems with this building entry platform including: Question: If you have a very large steel reservoir (100ft vertical) and you want to put stairs to the stop with a landing that includes guardrails; at what height would you put the top stair rail. Steven R., "Building Code Issues: Guards at Operable Windows", AIA East Bay, (2014), retrieved 2018/08/02, original source:, This discussion has moved to STAIR HEADROOM. I want to put a toilet in my current huge airing cupboard (after moving tank & boiler first!) done in nighttime lighting conditions, inclement weather and while holding onto anything the person may be using. 5. An interior door at the top of a flight of stairs need not have a landing at the top of the stairs, provided the door "Stair evacuation of older adults and people with mobility impairments." Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator. Because the ergonomics of a person placing their hand on a doorknob and opening the door tends to guide where they put their foot in stepping out and down, the absence of a landing here is a serious trip and fall hazard that is prohibited by building codes and by good construction practice. The purpose is to avoid any surprises to the person passing through the door opening, such as a change in floor level. The first time we walked through the house, the owner opened the door for us and literally had to step up onto the 2ndstep to let us in because it was such a tight space. Maximum 4-1/2 inch handrail projection into stairway width, on either side. Give me a break, soon it will be a hazard to open a cupboard door without a safety net to keep a glass from falling out. A bifold door was installed, but in reverse so that it hinges over the top step. Not so with a bi-fold. That means that, as I illustrate in the drawing above (adapted from yours), we would measure from the point on the landing that would be touched by dropping a vertical line from the outer face of the ascending and descending tread noses.My basis of support for this view is taken from the smaller and thus more-critical-still area of walking surface on stair treads, also referred to in the direction of travel as the "tread depth".Over at STAIR TREAD DIMENSIONS that serve as a component of the means of If anyone knows of Code references that apply t. o this situation, I'd certainly appreciate the help! ) and only accessible from a door are permitted to have No pic. Curious as to how and why. slope at exterior landings shall not exceed 1 To identify a left or right swing door, stand inside the door opening with your back against the hinges. swing over the stairway. height of 18 to 181⁄2 inches (458 to 470 [37], Stair Landings are required at top and bottom (with exceptions at top of interior stairs or in garage if door swings in, away from the stairs), Examples of Stair Platform or Landing Defects. Can you combined a stair rail system with a potential guardrail system. Exception: Afloor or landing is not required at the top of an interior flight of stairs, including stairs in an enclosed I garage, provided a door does not swing over the stairs. This said, it's very common for doors to open onto the stairs, as a door swinging that way is more likely to be out of the way. This could occur with a swing out door but not a side shoving bi-fold. This floor or landing shall not be more than 1 inch (25 mm) lower than the threshold of the doorway. - Florida Building Code, 1009.3 Stair Treads and Risers, Exceptions, exception No. The combination of platform poured against siding and poor drainage sending water towards the house walls increases the risk of insect attack as well as ice formation in winter at this New York home. If the level change between the dwelling and the patio exceeds 8 inches (203 mm), a complying landing must be provided outside the door prior to making any additional changes in elevation. - - - 2. Or the landing at the out-swinging door must have a length and width sufficiently greater than the swing of the door if a wider door is present - this is to permit passing the door and opening or closing it. Telephone (202) 693-1888 or The stairway is all that was in the basement when I began trying to finished it. Also see the additional handrailing specifications at. For all specimens that are The basic requirement is when operable windows have openings that are more than 4 inches and are within 36 inches above the interior finish floor and more than 72 inches above the exterior ground level. In this situation with minimal occupant load, the opening may occur at the top of the stair or at the landing, but the door must swing toward the person descending the stair or stepping down onto the landing. But the other Board members don't see it that way and believe the landings are fine. - Florida Building Code 1008.1.4 2007. - IBC 1009.4 Stairway Landings. Every landing shall have a minimum dimension measured in the direction of travel equal to the width of the stairway. Safety glazing, as defined in the IBC Section 2406.1 must pass the impact test requirements of Section 2406.2 in accordance with, CPSC 16 CFR Part 1201 [PDF] retrieved 2018/08/02, original source: To get to the room next to the stairs you still have to walk through the couch area but the pairing of the couch and bench frame the space to give the seating area more structure. Stairway platform & landing requirements & codes are summarized here. PLATFORMS & LANDINGS, ENTRY & STAIR at - online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice. If not, can I make the drop from the main floor down 2" - and the make up the two risers down tto the existing stairway ? The primary reason for this change was due to a person needing to stand on a narrow step while attempting to open the door. Four panel is usally 4’. On raised stage and platform floor areas, such as runways, ramps and side stages used for entertainment or presentations. In addition, because of weather exposure entry platforms are at risk of additional slip trip and fall hazards from water, snow and ice, or algae and moss. elevation between floors = a step down, or available space in the direction of travel?, or width of an opening? if you have a primary flight of stairs that meet code can you have another that does not meet code. Our photograph at left illustrates an antique stairway at el Jaral de Berrio Hacienda in central Mexico. /4 inches 0. [Emphasis ours - Ed.]. According to the International Building Code (2015: 1010.1.2, 2012 and 2009: 1008.1.2), if a door is a required egress door, it generally needs to be a swinging door that is hung on hinges or pivots. The revision in the 1988 UBC, which limited the door to opening on an interior stair and excluded exterior stairways, was an important change that is often overlooked. We actually have double doors and one door faces into a stairway going up and the other door faces a stairway going down. However the risk seems pretty small unless you already have some evidence that the slab has settled or heaved or Cracked. [9] "The Elimination of Unsafe Guardrails, a Progress Report," Elliott O. Stephenson, [11] The Stairway Manufacturers' Association, (877) 500-5759, provides a pictorial guide to the stair and railing portion of the International Residential Code. Doors in the fully open position shall not reduce a required dimension by more than 7 inches. to the structure. locations requiring safety glazing materials: ... 10. Handrails and guards shall be able to resist a single concentrated load of 200 surface of the glass is less than 60 inches (1524 (plf) (0.73 kN/m) applied in any direction at the top and to i could also have a sliding door or a door going inwards, On 2018-12-20 by Tom H. - construction details of the landings. - Anon 10/9/2012. side of the door. On 2020-05-22 by RuphusJ - measuring stair landings in Florida. S. Hyde, Jon R. Abele, ISBN-13: 978-1-933264-01-1 or Landings shall have a length measured in the direction of Landings are required to be level, except exterior landings may have a slope of not more than 1/4 inch per foot (6.4 mm per m) for drainage. In the 1,000-plus years of Asian feng shui practices, an internal staircase in a two-story home that faces the front door creates an energy battle right where you don't want it. 2407. Guidelines for Undergraduate Theatrical Productions and Special Events, CUE40303 Certificate IV in Live Production, Theatre and Events (Technical Operations), How to Build Theater Stairs, an Illustrated Guide, HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION COURESES (Canada), HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION: HOME STUDY COURSES, Stair landing minimum size in direction of travel greater than or equal to three feet (>= 36"). This design doesn't fit neatly into the codes. Watch out: relying on citing a hazard as "code violation" or "not code violation" will not address all safety hazards at buildings - codes cannot anticipate every possible SNAFU. Where a stairway of two or fewer risers is located on the exterior side of a door, other than the required exit door, a landing is not required for the exterior side of the door provided the door, other than an exterior storm or screen door does not swing over the stairway. Aisle stairs complying with Section 1025.11. Thank you. /4 inches (196 mm) below the width with a standard railing along one side. For glazing materials Exception: Where a stairway of two or fewer risers is located on the exterior side of a door, other than the required exit door, a landing is not required for the exterior side of the door. You open the door and there is approximately 3.5 feet and you hit the stair post. My reasoning is not just that top of the "pyramid" or intermiediate walking area is a landing but that we've got multiple steps down past the end of the last handrailing. shall be applied. See Figures 1003-11 and 1003-12. I have a similar situation in which the door opens to the first room (which is an office) and not the stairway. the width of stairways they serve. See Figures 1003-9 and 1003-10. We'd simply be doubling the chance that someone falls and is injured.So let's see some photos or sketches (one per comment works with this system) to better understand the problem and perhaps we an offer something beyond a blizzard of Watch-Out's. 2. 2. A Bi-Fold door one stands in front and pulls the knob to open in which the door hinges and opens in a side ways fashion, and while you are doing that, you are basically stationary without your legs moving in any direction. You walk in the door and literally fall smack dab into the living room. Landings must have a width and a dimension measured in the direction of travel not less than the width of the While standing on the step the person trying to open the door has to step backwards, down the steps, while opening this security door. Such dimension need not exceed 48 inches (1219 mm) where the stairway has a straight run. Clarify: 900 mm "gap" ? How to build a closet with a hidden door under a staircase to create extra storage space. It's at right angles to the top of the flight of stairs. Our edited photo appeared originally at and was submitted by the reader. [4] Illustrated theatre production guide, John Holloway, Focal Press, 2002, ISBN 0240804937, 9780240804934, [6] OSHA Publication 3124 - Stairways and Ladder, web search 12/21/11, OSHA Publications Office Steve,From the ARTICLE INDEX Please see STAIR HEADROOM at as that gives the most complete answer. Guidelines for stair safety. have a minimum clear width of 22 inches (559 I did not get the impression this was a exterior stairway. A contractor has constructed the first two sets of stairs, with the landings being supported by four 4 x 4 posts embedded in concrete. be impacted one time from a drop Exception: A floor or landing is not required at the top of an interior flight of stairs, Kuligowski, Erica, Richard Peacock, Emily Wiess, and Bryan Hoskins. On the audience side of stages and raised platforms, including steps leading up to the stage and raised platforms. This will most likely be used for storage which is why the door is shown. shall be not more than 73 A picture would help. 4. Exceptions are made for individual dwelling units and Group U Occupancies where it is permissible to open a door at the top step of an interior flight of stairs, provided the door does not swing out over the top step. Or see STAIR PLATFORMS & LANDINGS FAQs - questions & answers posted originally on this page. Power-operated swinging doors, power-operated sliding doors and power-operated folding doors shall comply with BHMA A156.10. 120. And though it should go without saying, the recommended stairway landing or platform width is equal to the stairway width. Some different stair landing code or standard examples include: There shall be a floor or landing at the Sliding door: you can eliminate part of the hazard of a door that opens out over a step by using a sliding or pocket door (provided the whole assembly is fire-rated as most pocket doors are not). - Anonymous by private email 2019/06/19. posted by not that girl at 2:00 PM on September 7, 2016 Where a door opens over a landing, the landing shall be at least as wide as the door, and at least 5 feet long. Can it be argued that the top of the pyramid is considered a step and not a landing? [32] Steps and Stairways, Cleo Baldon & Ib Melchior, Rizzoli, 1989. diagram 7 tells you that if a door opens onto the landing (from diagram 6), that the door must open no closer than 400mm from the top of the steps. The Bureau: for sale by the Supt. I would like to put a door, but the landlord is saying it might be against code. The platform or walking surface can be wider, of course, such as occurs when stairs end at a balcony, deck, or walkway. The landing will be 36 inches deep in the direction of travel, but there is a beam against the wall at about shoulder height that projects 5 inches from the wall. Glass Please send if you got one. Just consider that a person approaching the door from the stairs has to stand on a small area or even a lower step to open the door - a position that can be awkward. Loft , top of the stairs . Four panels divided by 32 inches are smaller then two panels divided by 32 inches. General Industry Safety Orders, Example code pertaining to water accumulation (or snow, ice etc) on exterior stairway landings & platforms: New York City Regulations, NYS Health Code S. 131.15, retrieved 2018/08/02, original source: The door shall be capable of swinging open from any position to the full width of the opening in which such door is installed when a force is applied to the door on the side from which egress is made. See page 19 in the U.K. stair regulations PDF document cited just below. Not into stairs here are a few thoughts Determining the design number of doors open . Exception: Exterior balconies less than 60 square feet (5.6 When a landing serves an It currently has an outward opening door (ie onto landing), but I'm trying to find out if I have an inward opening door … more than 7 inches (178 mm). 3. Quoting:`Rectangular treads.' I rent an upstairs apartment and the stairway is outside and uncovered. Hay Kelly, more conjecture on my part ??!! 1. In fact, while in some circumstances the model codes permit omission of a landing (if the door swings in, away from the steps down) but that's a really bad design. Every [8] "Are Functional Handrails Within Our Grasp" Jake Pauls. Somebody showed me in writing where this is in fact even a code violation. Loft , top of the stairs . /2 inches (38 mm) lower than the [Click to enlarge any image]. 1.16 The landing may include part of the floor of the building, 1.17 In all buildings, keep landings clear of permanent obstructins, a. reduce the landing to less than one-half its required width. Why is a two panel more dangerous than a four panel Dave? within 2 inches (5 centimeters) of its Matthew: apologies I posted an answer yesterday but somehow it was lost.Your question, with the admission that I don't fully understand it, seems to me to be wonderfully packed with trip and fall hazards.1. the plane of the adjacent walking surface. Storm and screen Care if I add it to my library? Guards are never the absolute answer to fall protection. I imagine that the architect who designed these stairs liked the attractive and open design with a two-sided approach to the stairway. The minimum dimension Landings shall be level except for exterior landings, which are permitted to have a slope not to exceed The landing must be at least as wide as the stairway served; most codes require a stairway to be 36" wide or wider. ** That may comply with the letter of the law in the view of some designers or code compliance officers but in my opinion this is an unsafe stair that would be difficult for elderly or people with walking and stair disabilities. Particularly someone not familiar with the building and who opens a door to walk out is at extra risk of stepping off into space where they expected a walking surface. Your landing has to be at least 400 mm in dimension in the direction of travel at the foot of the stairway; the swing of your door, if it opens towards the landing, has to not intrude into that space. There shall be a floor or landing at the top and bottom of each stairway. The way a door swings isn't determined by any residential code, but there are patterns as to how a door opens depending on what room the door is opening. How to Create a Foyer if the Door Opens to the Living Room. available from the publisher, Lawyers ^ Judges Publishing Company,Inc., Stair Rails and Handrails, web search 8/1/12, original source:, [36] California Department of Industrial Relations - CA/OSHA: California Stair & Railing Code details: Subchapter 4.

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