countryman e6 vs e6i

I have used both the E6i omni and directional for singing and spoken word. It can be used to replace a cable in the event of a short or break and is an … The tan E6 and E6i Snap-on Microphone Cable from Countryman is designed for use with the E6 and E6i earset microphones. Countryman E6 Omni Earset - Sennheiser SR 3.5 locking, Vocals, Tan, 2mm 4.9 out of 5 stars 19. E2 vs. E6. Unlike earsets that are hard-wired from the mic to the connector, our cables quickly and securely snap into the E6 Earset to link the mic to hardwired or wireless systems. The E2 is also a directional microphone, while the E6 … I originally bout a directional e6i to use with a lead vocalists in a band, with a … The E2 is worn over the ear much like the classic E6 Earset, but it differs in that it has a significantly shorter boom. Which Countryman E6 are you using? ... broadcasters, and more, you can't go wrong with the Countryman E6i Omnidirectional Earset Mic!Countryman E6i … $339.95. E6 cables and E2 cables are not … Like most microphones, I found that the Countryman E2 has its areas where it really shines and a few to be aware of.

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