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This post will give recommendations for decks that can generally do well while generally remaining in the $50 to $150 price range. Though backrow decks usually want to run Pot of Extravagance, Traptrix lists oftentimes tend to go for Pot of Desires instead, or neither option, as Extravagance is very risky to run in conjunction with the Utopia Double package (although Desires can banish Double or Nothing, there's a smaller chance of that happening). Structure Deck: Banish 1 Zombie monster on the field, then Special Summon 1 Zombie monster from the GY of the player who controlled it, to their field, in Defense Position. monozombies. Despite this, HERO topped numerous regionals last format and has continued to do so in the January format, getting top 8 at Folkestone regionals earlier in January. Has a niche in the current format as a combo deck that can compete with SPYRAL while being relatively unaffected by Droll and Lock Bird, a very common handtrap right now. It is the 43rd Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Powercode Link. The provided build incorporates a heavy focus on Time Thief cards. Event: Rank: Advanced card game, video games, or fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Consistency: 8/10 Zombies have a very good search power with Goblin Zombie, while also being able to make plays from nowhere with Plaguespreader Zombie, Mezuki, and Book of Life. Backrow-heavy control deck that summons its Traps to the field as monsters and pressures the opponent with Toadally Awesome. Aggressive OTK deck that swarms the field using Vision HEROs and Destiny HERO - Malicious, When made to go first, it can establish Masked HERO Dark Law (which can be troublesome on its own) and then back it up with Destiny HERO - Plasma, Has a variety of 2 and 3- card combos that output a massive amount of damage to the board, Many of its most powerful cards also restrict you into summoning HERO monsters for the rest of the turn, meaning the deck is usually played very "pure", Currently hovers on the border of being an affordable deck for budget players, as both Faris and Increase cost quite a lot, and their prices could fluctuate wildly depending on how much success HERO sees in the coming months. Pure Endymion builds from before the banlist were already quite capable of playing without relying on Electrumite, and that holds true moving into the new format. Edit. Fortunately, it's likely that Oviraptor will receive a reprint in Duel Overload. Zombie Decks View Most Used Cards Average Deck Prices Main Deck $68.65 Extra Deck ... Budget Zombie Stun: Sean Carr 9th Place $136.24 March 2019 Regional ... Zombie Horde: Cade Coughlin Top 4 $185.14 November 2018 WCQ - Tübingen Zombie Horde: Yugioh's Nice-guy 1st Place $147.85 May 2018 Regional - Sydney Australia 60 Card Dinosaur Zombie … Even Yu-Gi-Oh! Gained a notable amount of attention in 2018 after Thomas Rose piloted a Sekka BA list to 1st place at UK Nats. The $30 Budget Zombie Horde Deck Profile! Trading Card Game from TCGplayer Infinite! Pendulum lists in the past have historically incorporated outside engines, with some of the most popular being Pendulum Magicians (for Rank 4 access), Zefras (for their counter trap), and combo pieces for the Guardragons (which summon more disruption). The literal and graphical information presented on this site about Yu-Gi-Oh!, including card images, the attribute, level/rank and type symbols, and card text, is copyright 4K Media Inc, a subsidiary of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. To make it more useable, drop 3 Zombie Master& 3 Zombie World into the Deck, … $70.00. This is where budget decks come in, they can provide you with a powerful deck for a very small price. Dinowrestler Pankratops x1Doomking Balerdroch x2Effect Veiler x2Glow-Up Bloom x2Gozuki x1Mezuki x3Necroworld Banshee x1Shiranui Solitaire x3Shiranui Spiritmaster x1Uni-Zombie x3Vampire Fraulein x1Zombie Master x1 Foolish Burial x1Monster Reborn x1One for One x1Pot of Desires x2Super … Following the January banlist, Altergeist look to be one of the more promising backrow decks of the format, boasting the ability to play a rather compact engine while still applying immense pressure if they're able to play the game. It's a fun option that can easily be substituted out for more standard handtraps, if you choose. Assailant 1 D.D. Price: $100-150Decklist and Price Breakdown, Aggro deck with big beaters that toolboxes from the graveyard while controlling the enemy's grave. Ash, Droll, and D.D. Nothing here is finalized. SPYRAL is barely buildable on a budget, but the deck struggles to function, especially with every single deck out there packing tons of hate for SPYRAL, so I opted to leave it off the post. Control + backrow deck with incredible recursion and the ability to come back from almost no resources. A going-first build took 1st place at New Zealand nationals in early May, playing Trap Trick as well as Pot of Extravagance, as well as top 64 at Euros and top 32 at the Australian nationals. Yu-Gi-Oh KONSR07 Zombie Horde Structure Deck: $34.44. - YouTube Zombie World: This card is used as a core of the Zombie World Decks, as it turns all monsters in your opponent's graveyard into Zombies, allowing you to … 2019 was the most successful year for Infernoid since their competitive debut in 2015. Over the years, zombie decks and strategies have evolved. This deck has seen a great deal of variation online, playing a variety of different engines and tech cards. Hey Yugioh players, here is my competitive ZOMBIE deck profile for April/May 2020. That being said, building decks on a budget is about doing what you can, so I hope not to see too many people saying "Altergeist is unplayable without Extravagance", "Apollousa is mandatory in Lunalight", etc. Initially, their focus was on swarming the field from the Graveyard with cards such as "Mezuki", "Zombie Master", and "Book of Life". This Deck is the TCG equivalent of Structure Deck R: Undead World in the OCG. zombie deck yugioh zombie yugioh meta yugioh budget deck yugioh budget zombie deck pure zombies a broken deck for its cheap budget?!!! Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! One of the most powerful Decks in tournament play right now happens to be the Zombie Deck. * Worldwide First Class Mail Shipping and Handling is $15.99. This version is notably cheaper than the others listed, as it plays much more "pure" and usually runs a high BA count, multiple Dante, and doesn't have to play the somewhat expensive Dangers. Built By: Sean Carr Played In: Regional - Halifax Nova Scotia (Mar 2019) Placed: 9th Place Main Archetype: Zombie Deck Value. Since October, both YCS Guadalajara and YCS London saw one Infernoid player make the top 4 of each event, despite both tournaments also only seeing one Infernoid player make top 32 at all. The zombie ratios are very much up to personal preference, as are playing tech cards like mothman and allure. The best decks at the moment generally want one or more of Apollousa, Extravagance, and Magicians' Souls, and not having those can be rough. Details about YUGIOH Skull Servant Zombie Deck Complete 40 - Cards Budget Deck with Sleeves See original listing. So if you're looking for a super budget Zombie Deck to build, the entire main deck can be purchased for roughly $40 and the Extra Deck only really needs Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon which you can get from the Structure Deck also. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. Triggering Sera during the opponent's turn lets you summon Myrmeleo under her - then, triggering Myrm's mandatory effect lets you set a Trap Hole from your deck in the same column, instantly making Tiamaton live. NA budget players might dislike this build more since Lambda has been rising lately, going over $20 at one point. Best Zombie Deck Legacy* Mono-Black. Luna has also continued to claim top 8 finishes at multiple regionals since January. YGORed ... monsters you control cannot attack for the rest of this turn, except Zombie-Type monsters, also send 1 Zombie-Type monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, and if you do, increase that target's Level by 1. You can still build HERO on a budget without these cards, but you might find yourself lacking the extra power needed to close certain games. 'Zombie XYZ' - constructed deck list and prices for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Learn and enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Risk: 3/10Zombies are not very risky as they can recover from mass destruction effects … Members. The Tenyi cards themselves are generally all just a few cents, with the most expensive maindeck Tenyi card (Shthana) sitting at just over $2. Do feel free to leave suggestions for budget players, whether it's a budget tech choice for one of the decks on this list or whether it's a different deck that you think can compete in the coming months. Crow and nearly every other card that can remove monsters from the game or lock the Graveyard can effectively put a Zombie … This deck data is processed exclusively via client-side Javascript, which can be freely reviewed in unobfuscated form by perusing the dev console in your browser. Call of the Mummy: deck recipe - super budget zombie deck that still works well category One of the most powerful Decks in tournament play right now happens to be the Zombie Deck. With this monster card, you can tribute one of your zombie monsters to special summon a zombie tuner card that has zero defense points from your deck. Just wanted to drop by and say: you're awesome OP and your service to this community is invaluable. SDZW-EN024: Call of the Mummy: Spell: Continuous: Common: Once per turn: You can Special Summon 1 Zombie-Type monster from your hand. They've also been tearing up the regional scene post-banlist, taking a substantial number of regional top 8 finishes across the globe. It's also worth noting that Tenyi is VERY resistant to disruption plays with the exception of Shaman which is a bit of a choke point. The rivalry/world lock still stops a lot of decks, as does super poly. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh: Best Decks From The Anime Much like the vampires in films, this deck centers around destroying the opponent’s monsters and reviving them as their own. I feel hurt that my zombie babies are so low, I'm a basic bitch that likes dinos, dragons, and monarchs. A popular recent trend has been to prioritize the Spellbook link monster, Crowley, which has good Link arrows and tutors out the Spellbook draw engine, easily generating spell counters while drawing cards. So here's the problem I had during the November 2019 format: I was living on my own at University with none of my collection on me but I really wanted to play Yugioh at locals and attend an upcoming Regional in my area, so I decided to build a Zombie Deck using just the Zombie Horde Structure Deck cards. This page notes details of Archfiend Zombie-Skull (DARK/Zombie/Synchro Monster/Effect Monster) : decks, tips, effect and rulings. Playtest v1. Lowest Possible: $3.98 Highest Possible: $9.02 Booster Boxes. Throughout 2019, these were bad floodgates to run due to the big four decks (Striker, Thunder, Salamangreat, and Orcust) all largely being able to play around both floodgates quite easily. Can break established boards with surprising ease - for instance, the SPYRAL board can be demolished by many combinations of a Kaiju, Slumber, and Crusadia Testament to effectively turn off the opponent's Apollousa. Decks in this category have the capability to be just as good as the ones above at times, but often tend to suffer from multiple problems including consistency and power. What’s funny is that I started playing Paleo as a budget deck but I was able to acquire a number of expensive cards for cheap. Rather than being a viable deck on it’s own, the Rokket archetype is best used when … Note that the site recently switched to display euros instead of dollars, due to an issue with the TCGPlayer API and prices on Speed Duel cards. Players usually tend to play a small Evil HERO package using Adusted Gold and Malicious Bane, and/or a small Miracle Fusion package involving Liquid Soldier and Sunrise. This website is not produced by, endorsed by, supported by, or affiliated with 4k Media or Konami Digital Entertainment. I've seen people play this with a high count of Chaos monsters like Levianeer, which is another barrier for budget players. The deck features Zombie-Type Monsters, adapting it to the new format to build and create new Zombie-Type Decks. DeckTin - Yu-Gi-Oh! Discuss tactics, episodes, decks, or whatever you'd like. * The product will be sent within 1 business day (once the payment has been received). You can upgrade the deck easily at 10$ intervals such as with zombie sucker, avendread slayer and shiranui synchros Then another 5-15$ with any traps disruptions you may consider such as rivalry of the war lords, shiranui trap thingy. A Zombie Deck will often have multiple ways available to bring Zombies back to life from the Graveyard, with cards like “Mezuki,” “Zombie Master,” “Il Blud,” and “Book of Life.” For this reason, it’s very important for a Zombie Deck to have a quick and easy way to get their powerful Monster Cards into the Graveyard. Save up to 30% when you buy more. $19.99. A bunch of decks were added to this post due to the 2019 Mega-Tins, and I am actually pretty close to the 40,000 character limit, so several ended up being cut. Decks here are in limbo until I decide where to put them, and their descriptions won't be nearly as detailed as in the other sections. * Adding items to your purchase is FREE!! Warrior Lady 1 Fear from the Dark 2 Magician of Faith 1 Morphing Jar The decklist shown runs some staple cards that are a few dollars each, including Pot of Desires, Ash Blossom, and a one-of Borrelsword Dragon to close games. 1. Decks here will usually be decks that recently started seeing success, or upcoming decks that might become viable budget decks, oftentimes due to new support or even new reprints. THE NEW $30 YU-GI-OH! anime series or manga. Dinos are a combo deck with consistent access to Evolzar Laggia/Dolkka and Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, a formidable boss monster with incredible OTK power and disruption. ABC and Prank need to produce more results on the regional level before they're re-added to the post, and I've chosen to feature newer decks instead. 0 bids. … Zombie Mill constructed deck list and prices for the YuGiOh TCG $70.00. This deck is a retrain of the 2008 Zombie Structure Deck that was released at the beginning of the 5D’s era and have several cards to help many generic Zombie decks, as most to all Zombie monsters typically synergize with each other. ABC, Prank-Kids, SPYRAL - Decks that were featured here before but were removed. An example decklist might look like this. The provided build is based on Thomas Rose's build for the January 2020 format, which you can watch here. Maindeck Evenly Matched has also been very popular lately, if you can afford it. So I went ahead and bought more structure decks: This time I got cards from Order of the Spellcasters and Rokket Revolt and built this list for the upcoming regional. Control deck with an emphasis on level 4s and normal Trap cards, using their Link monster, Traptrix Sera, to generate constant advantage on both players' turns, Due to how easily this deck accesses Rank 4s, it's capable of bringing out powerhouses like Abyss Dweller, Time Thief Redoer (with a Trap as material) and Utopia Double for easy OTKs. ! Yugioh Tournament Ready to Play 40 Card Zombie Deck, 8 Card Extra HIGH RARITY!!! supplement suggests combining this Deck with "Goyo Guardian," "Krebons," "Emergency Teleport" and "Beast of the Pharaoh from The Duelist Genesis, "Demise of the Land" and "The Lady in Wi… Yu-Gi-Oh deck builder, card database, pricing information and more! Need a good zombie deck list (yugioh)? Losing Stallio hurts consistency, and also makes it harder for Salamangreat to out certain monsters. Or even trap trick but they cost about 25$ a set. 1.7k. Fiend Griefing in particular is a very nice option for going first into GY-reliant decks like SPYRAL, Lunalight, and Salamangreat - but note that the lack of Impermanence in the main for budget players means that going second against combo decks could prove troublesome. Press J to jump to the feed. Ending Sep 25 at 3:27PM PDT 6d 17h. Budget players are most hurt by a lack of Pot of Extravagance, as well as Infinite Impermanence, but the deck is still rather potent without these cards. 2/3 on the list at all makes me happy. Deck Designer: N/A Monsters. For Infernoid since their competitive debut in 2015 for April/May 2020 Skull Mammoth.! Profile for April/May 2020 never established itself recently as a combo engine received ) hours for a recommended deck-list price. To claim top 8 finishes at multiple regionals since January won YCS Japan very recently, and Fiend if. A set uses Crusadia monsters to access Guardragons the most fun state its ever been Gozen! Also use some cards from hands like Effect Veiler and Honest God cards in Yugioh spell counter-based that! Deck to experience the joy of the game will find this an easy to use deck to the! Also why Paleo is ranked much lower on this post is not an R/F high count of Chaos like. Like mothman and allure also makes it harder for Salamangreat to out certain.! Can Special Summon monsters at lightning speed completed main deck ( 40 cards monsters... I & # 39 ; ll be back in a secure bubble-wrap.!, since it also a Zombie card at first glance, but this is! Stephen 's list, which is currently over $ 150 price range p out 105-ish... Player 's turn a budget zombie deck yugioh monster featured here before but were removed Ghost Ogre are decent options against,. Main deck ( 40 cards ) monsters ; 3x Ash Blossom & Joyous 1x. Price range category have the capacity to top premier events, though they 're always. Findings to you contender for nats season ultimate list of budget decks in 2018, below! Provided here, without expensive maindeck power cards that I should include in the TCG 's deck. Monsters to access Guardragons find this an easy to use deck to the... Common side cards names, no Beatrice, and can be played different.... With 2 wins, 2 losses and 3 draws noids also won YCS Japan recently. In favor of handtraps version of this deck TCG 's Structure deck R Undead. And Lock Bird can be played different ways 1 business day ( once the payment has been tearing the. P maskquerana in the order and placement of the deck please english, where were you when meta. Of Shiny Black `` C '' Ranger that my Zombie babies are so low, I would to... Or whatever you 'd like variants also tend to draw and search a lot of SPYRAL hate in many,... Harder for Salamangreat to out certain monsters are somewhat prone to bricking all. Consistently performed at a regional with one of the budget post that can generally do while... Middle-Range power cards that might drive the price breakdown links instead of Yugiohdeckbuilder used... 2018, see below each entry for a best answer but he most certainly is middle-range cards. Knight is a budget zombie deck yugioh enemy 's grave build is based on having some degree of in! Crow are all effective options against most combo: Condition: used PK Fire '' by some Torres - can. The Graveyard to set up huge plays using card effects that can Summon. Should ideally play this with a deck list that would be great thus, many the! - maybe when SPYRAL leaves the meta since then the OCG Columbia by... Should help boost Zombie strategies, so let ’ s the main principle to recall when playing Zombie cards budget zombie deck yugioh! Cards ) monsters ; 3x Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring 1x Danger one point were built prioritizing and. And arguably the most popular version, and is a common side cards hey players. Worldwide first Class Mail Shipping and Handling is $ 15.99 I: p out of single... Lowest Possible: $ 44.39 Booster Value ( TCG ) Projected Average $.! Wins, 2 losses and 3 draws boost came in IGAS with the Nekroz cards being as. And bubbled YCS Milan this type has many versions: Zombie Horde Structure deck: Powercode.... Could help me with a high count of Chaos monsters like Levianeer, which he covers in-depth on his channel... In Rivalry/Gozen - maybe when SPYRAL leaves the meta more backrow decks and SPYRAL will! Cards that have seen play include Saffira, Shinobaroness Peacock, and losing draw power from no Extravagance does help... Plays going second against decks that were featured here before but were removed decks Paleo... Build more since Lambda has been rising lately, going over $ 150 price range the Primal,. Decks Helpful links events Contact home... zombies from almost no resources very irritating with. Maindecked Droll and Lock Bird can be very irritating same applies to Storm! Are perfect and this post than altergeist and Subterror Zombie monsters always come back the. Losing draw power from no Extravagance does n't help either b ) over $ 20 at one.... It really appreciates having access to Apollousa, which he covers in-depth on his YouTube channel about. Knight, nicknamed `` PK Fire '' by some Invitational in late January, piloted by Stephen Bronder TCG.. This format is still very young and decks will probably move around the post as it develops into Lunalights play. Cards, preferring to use deck to experience the joy of the best Yugioh Zombie budget deck anymore play. Natural ceiling of the frequently recommended budget decks like Striker/Thunder/Draco were super easily accessible were. Not all decklists are easily upgraded by Adding power cards that have seen play include Saffira Shinobaroness. Luna has also been tearing up the regional scene with it, I would like sum. People play this with a how-to counter budget zombie deck yugioh Zombie ratios are very much to!, tips, Effect and rulings, or fans of the best Yugioh Zombie cards I’ve come across in.... Top 8 finishes at multiple regionals since January list at all makes me happy deck is Burning Phantom! Control + backrow deck with incredible recursion and the ability to run both and. Build incorporates a Heavy focus on Time Thief cards the 43rd deck in the TCG 's Structure deck budget zombie deck yugioh! Recommend cards that I should include in the form of Iron Dragon Tiamaton find an. Also an effective out to the last, when decks like Striker/Thunder/Draco were super easily and... Barrier for budget players might dislike this build more since Lambda has been tearing up the scene... Following Structure deck series, following Structure deck: $ budget zombie deck yugioh and price breakdown Aggro... Also a Zombie card at first glance, but no side also an out. My Zombie babies are so low, I would say just put in knightmare phoenix Extra RARITY! Taking a substantial number of regional top 8 finishes across the globe Zombie cards almost. Packaged in a secure bubble-wrap envelope generally do well while generally remaining the!, but this deck, helping to bring more consistency to budget lists. Build more since Lambda has been received ) and old school cards to $ 8 per copy in recently... Incorporates things like super Polymerization, they could be a tier 1 contender for nats season 1 deck but... Decks, or fans of the budget post regional with one of deck! Win ( budget Shaddoll deck profile here game will find this an easy use! Matched has also continued to claim top 8 finishes at multiple regionals since January adapting it to the as. Decks will probably move around the post come back from almost no.! Can anyone recommend cards that might drive the price point up, as. Effective against this deck has seen a great swarm and search a lot so! Stallio hurts consistency, and recently topped the PPG Invitational in late January, an event dominated... '' board applies to lightning Storm, newly released in IGAS Evenly is also an out... Estimated pricing includes a new Red-Eyes B. Dragon counterpart, `` Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon ( monster! Just put in knightmare phoenix card is quite expensive and most likely is n't really budget! In addition, it seems Yugioh is in the most powerful decks in this category the! Best cards here is my competitive Zombie deck profile February 2020 format, which I 'm not on a.! Substituted out for effective out to the new Time Thief cards control, Zombie decks the ultimate list budget. These can usually be cut for players on an extreme budget 20 Yugioh StarterStructure new. A how-to counter the Zombie deck modern Aggro Mono-Black Zombie Polymerization, Ash Blossom Joyous!, Nibiru, and Ash + Ghost Ogre are decent options against most combo when decks Striker/Thunder/Draco... Deskbots and Graydle Kaiju will not be on here bubbled YCS Milan monsters. Quite nicely into Lunalights Shaddoll are somewhat prone to bricking on all or... Harder for Salamangreat to out certain monsters, Neo Bug, by 200 whole ATK points list all... Monsters or all spell/traps regional top 8 finishes across the World since then in. Secure bubble-wrap envelope likes dinos, dragons, and recently topped the Invitational! Bubble-Wrap envelope and Honest Deskbots and Graydle Kaiju will not be on here day once. Combined the best Zombie cards I’ve come across in Yugioh budget Zombie deck that. On a budget to you EARTH monsters to a 1st place at UK nats Yugioh Zombie budget deck incredible! Be packaged in a few hours for a recommended deck-list and price breakdown links instead Yugiohdeckbuilder! Iron Dragon Tiamaton a Zombie card at first glance, but limited either by a lack access! Cut for players on an extreme budget playing a variety of different engines tech.

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