blue barrel composter

Accessories. Includes a sealed tight-head drum with 2 bungs, (fine and course thread). Composters. Rain barrels offer a convenient and simple way to collect rainwater. Dual compost tumblers are great for large families or community gardens. Green Barrels Black Barrels Terra-Cotta Barrels Grey Barrels Blue Barrels Art Event Paintable Faded Barrels. They come in a variety of sizes and styles from traditional barrels to decorative rain barrels … Rain Barrels to Complement Your Decor. Check with friends and local companies to see if they have one available. Before … New factory off-color barrel with minor color irregularities. Stationary Composter Tumbling Composters. Can be used for: rainwater collection, rain barrels, composting, … Wide Overflow Upgrade Barrel Pedestals Barrel … The most difficult item for you to obtain may be a 55-gallon plastic drum that forms the main body of your compost barrel.

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